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Updated on: 09/12/2023

In recent months, the ever desolate anime genre of genderbend has been getting slowly filled with new entries. Just at the start of this year – in the Winter 2022 season – we had two new genderbend anime to be released, with two new additions being announced to be upcoming in the near future as well. With genderbend seeming to be finally getting its rightful recognition, I thought it was only appropriate to help more people get introduced to all the best series the genre has to offer. So, I’ll be giving a ranking of 20 different genderbend series below.

As a small disclaimer, please keep in mind that this will be mostly based off of personal opinion and if you by any chance happen to disagree, please drop your own recommendations, recommendations and suggestions in the comments.

Top 20 Best Genderbend Manga

1. Ranma 1/2

best genderbend manga

It would be absolutely impossible to get through this list without mentioning one of the earliest, if not the earliest genderbend in both the anime and manga industry. I’m sure there are a few of you who grew up with this series and it’s safe to say that it has a special place in a lot of people’s hearts. Though many watched the anime rather than reading the manga, for any new to the series and for any who just want to go through the feelings they had for this series the first time once more, I would recommend you read the manga.

Rumiko Takahashi is as well-renowned as she is for good reason, and getting to see all her series has to offer first hand is worth it. From Kuno’s deranged obsession with dating girls – including Ranma’s female version – Ryoga somehow ending up on the other end of the country after what was supposed to be a 2 minute walk and all kinds of ridiculous comedic antics along with some contrasting scenes that make your heart throb, it’s a series that you can’t help but find endearing.

2. Shut Hell

best genderbend manga

Implied by the name, this manga is nothing short of hellishly heart-wrenching. An award-winning work, this manga is definitely a good use of your time. A story jumping in time between a modern-day highschool boy and a 13th century revenge-maddened Xia warrior in her fight against the growing Mongol empire – this manga relies little on cheap narration. While there is little focus on the aspect of genderbend – it’s a bit difficult to be worried about your ‘tools’ being gone with a spear to your neck – it still uses the switching of bodies to display exciting levels of stakes and a skillful usage of character development.

This genderbend manga is easily one of the most introspective in this list, with characterization that goes over expectations. While the perspectives of each different character try to make you sympathise with them, the story actively disencourages you from blindly believing in anyone. At its core, Shut Hell is a story that explores the various mentalities of those pushed to the extremes, regardless of their circumstance. Of course, being a story focused on war, you can expect some very appealing battles as well.

For those looking for something a bit more mature to challenge the mind with, Shut Hell will have you addicted by both its world and its characters – by no mistake have I placed this manga so high up on the ranking of the top 20 best genderbend manga

3. Saga of Tanya the Evil

best genderbend manga

Next on the list is the story of our resident maggot-stomping, city destroying, merciless taskmaster loli, Tanya Degurechauff. Though the original source is the light novel, the manga is still quite good at expressing the story, though it at times fails to deliver the same atmosphere as the anime. Despite that, it still remains as one of the best genderbend manga.

The manga starts not too differently from its other versions, with the introduction of a certain office worker in a managemental position, being run over by a train and then reincarnated as a little girl in a world at war. Born with an aptitude for magic, Tanya is drafted to join the army, but is determined to make it up the ranks to a non-combat position, or end the war altogether. This all being orchestrated by a being proclaiming themselves as God to “punish” the former office worker, Tanya is also determined to ultimately find this being and challenge them – despite being unable to use magic without praying.

Youjo Senki is a genderbend manga about opposing monumental forces. Whether it be giant enemy brigades, decorated soldiers known as the aces of their armies or even deities – Tanya Degurechauff faces them all with a maniacal smile, inspiring fear in her enemies and allies alike. This series also has its comedic moments as well – at the expense of her enemies and subordinates, though. The manga is continuing smoothly thus far, so I can assure you that you can enjoy it as one of the top 20 best genderbend manga.

4. Rosen Garten Saga

best genderbend manga

Please thoroughly prepare your heart, and I mean it. You quite literally can’t enjoy this manga unless you have mental tolerance similar to a vagabond that’s been through 5 winters without clothes (the “without clothes” part is important, keep in mind). Rosen Garten Saga constantly has something to get its readers off-guard. Whether it be the amazing action, the comedy that makes you wheeze, the cast of characters who all have a screw loose to some degree, there’s never a dull moment.

My heart goes out to Fuji Sakimori, the mangaka, in finding something new every single week to change things up. Sakimori has given us some of the most breath-taking fights and dialogues you could see and then in the very same breath, gives us a scene reminiscent of the Yakuza series, where grown men are made to act as if they’re babies. A trap idol group, a group of knights that fight while nude, a man who ended up falling for the charms of his boss who was genderbent by the main character and a grizzly old man whose strongest sword is permanently attached to his groin.

The chances of finding a dull moment in manga are so low, you’d be more likely to find a dinosaur in your front yard. As one of the best genderbend manga for anyone who’s tired of seeing things that just don’t appeal to your wild side, or for just anyone more interested in a some good giggles and fight scenes, I highly recommend Rosen Garten Saga.

5. Inside Mari

best genderbend manga

From the same author as Aku no Hana, Oshimi Shmuzo, this manga already has a guarantee to be one of the best genderbend manga. For any in the know of Oshimi Shuzo’s style of storytelling, you can definitely expect this manga to hit you where it hurts – and it doesn’t disappoint. Inside Mari is a manga filled with twists and turns that make you feel uncanny levels of discomfort, yet at the same time pull you in just as strongly.

This genderbend manga follows a shut-in by the name of Isao Komori, who is the typical anti-social that shut-ins are often portrayed as. Unable to go to university due to anxiety and without any employment, he spends his days playing games and touching himself. However, there’s one thing that becomes the catalyst for his change – his daily visits to the convenience store to look at a certain highschool girl and follow her, just follow, until she gets near to her house before he leaves. This lifestyle goes on for a long time, until one day the highschool girl turns around to look at him, and he finds himself waking up as her.

This story is one of transformation and redemption, but if I were to really name which of the top 20 genderbend manga I’ve listed were best at dealing with the topic of identity, it would without a doubt be Inside Mari. The main characters’ are fleshed out completely and the manga uses its strangeness to give you as much understanding of each of their motives as possible. Though there are some parts left to the imagination at the end, you understand each of the main characters enough at that point to have no choice but to be satisfied. Deserving of a spot in the top 20 best genderbend manga, Inside Mari leaves an impact that is hard to forget.

6. Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to (Fabiniku)

best genderbend manga

Here’s one that got animated just this year, with a manga that’s been deserving of an animation for a while. This manga is arguably one of the very best comedy manga, not limited to genderbend manga, that I’ve read. Though maybe not at the levels of Nichijou humour, this manga has effortlessly made me wheeze multiple times. Though this series does have a romance element that’s present, the more romantic scenes that are spread around here and there are, more there to serve as an appetizer for the comedy. In fact, the small comments from Tsurusaki Yuu at the end of some chapters are enough to make you have a good laugh all on their own.

Still, that by no means has to mean the  romance is lacking in any way. The mental confusion and conflict of the protagonist as they spend more time as a girl, often getting either cocky or flustered in response to what being gifted with irresistible beauty causes. Of course, the fact that their friend is immune – or at least acts like they are – to this effect most of the time is what makes the parts where we actually do get a peek of romance more interesting. As for the characters, all I can really say is that this is definitely one of those series where you’re progressively made to fall in love with a group of idiots.

The passion and love that the married couple of Tsurusaki Yuu and Ikezawa Shin have for this manga as they make together is easy to recognize with how enjoyable it is to read and I’d strongly suggest that anyone with either an interest in the anime or those who just want a fun read to laugh away at, read this genderbend manga.

7. Ore ga Watashi ni naru made

best genderbend manga

Ore ga Watashi ni Naru Made or “Until I become me” is easily one of the best genderbend manga I have ever read, and possibly in the upper percentiles of any manga of similar genre that I’ve read, too. The only reason for this manga’s comparatively low ranking when considering its quality is only due to the fact that the manga above it in this top 20 best genderbend manga list are so good at delivering on their respective strong points as well. Otherwise, Ore ga Watashi ni Naru Made is a manga I would recommend anyone, genderbend buff or not, to read as one of my highly admired entries amongst the best genderbend manga.

Ore ga Watashi ni Naru Made is a coming of age story featuring the protagonist, Akira, who starts off as a young elementary school boy who is the image of disrespect, as many young boys unfortunate to not be in good company are. Soon however, he’s afflicted with an uncurable disease that changes his gender – now finding themselves in a similar body to the girls he had mocked. It’s after returning to school and being treated exactly the same by the other boys in their class that Akira is made to realise their standing. Hereafter is where Akira’s bumpy road of development and self-learning begins.

Ore ga Watashi ni Naru Made is generally filled with this warm feeling that makes you feel as if you’re at home with each chapter. It’s difficult to describe other than just an almost permanent “feel good” effect. The happy parts feel good, and even the sad parts feel good. Even in the most tense moments where you can feel your heart clenching , sweat rolling down your neck, you somehow still get this feeling of satisfaction as you watch Akira grow. This manga is easily the best genderbend manga for those who want a story they can really sink their teeth into and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

8. Yakuza Reincarnation

best genderbend manga

A Yakuza nearing retirement goes into a bar to sort out a few youngsters dirtying his reputation and by the next day, he finds he’s now the princess of a country in another world that’s rife with political tension. Here’s another “Yakuza meets(becomes) girl” manga for all you interested. It’s definitely not the usual premise you see in an isekai, that’s for sure. Don’t think originality is all it has to offer though, because Yakuza Reincarnation is the full package.

Stunning art, gritty action that’s gripping enough to make you feel like you could hear the impacts. Of course, that’s all without mentioning the absolute badass of a protagonist, the aforementioned princess Ryuu Lundberg – formerly Nagamasa Ryumatsu – leading the story with a combination of old man wisdom and the no nonsense philosophy of a true-blooded romantic gangster, along with an unbeatable fighting sense. The story included is full of life, with characters that really feel real – the story puts in a strong effort to make it extremely hard to not get attached to a character once they’ve been introduced.

If I were to think now, the only thing I could come up with to criticize this genderbend manga would be the fact that it’s monthly – a whole three weeks without this gem is a painful experience. All I have to say for this manga are praises, and once you read it I’m sure you’ll feel similarly too.

9. Ayakashi Triangle

best genderbend manga

Ayakashi triangle is an interesting romcom action series where Matsuri Kazamaki is cursed to turn into a girl by a powerful ayakashi or spirit, Shirogane. The reason for this is Shirogane’s anger at his shamelessness for having a romantic moment with his childhood friend, Suzu Kanade, in the middle of their fight, hoping this would ruin their relationship. Though despite Shirogane’s efforts, this only leads to more weird and provocative events happening. Let me inform you, this genderbend manga tries its absolute best to be shameless.

Though, whether it be comedy, the romantic interactions or the story progression, it all wouldn’t be possible without what I think is the manga’s strongest point: it’s unique set of characters. I don’t think there is a single character in this story that isn’t at least a bit interesting to see, unless they’re there for too short of a time to notice them anyways. Whether it be the occult-loving, alien-chasing Lucy who’s obsessed with the supernatural yet can’t recognise supernatural events even if you slapped her in the face with them or the young and pubescent Ninokuru, who has been Matsuri’s rival for years and is now struggling with accepting the fact that he now thinks Matsuri is actually hot.

Of course, most important to mention is the manga’s very own final boss of health, Suzu Kanade herself. If you’re tired of shy and timid heroines who’re too embarrassed to follow through on their desires, trust me when I say that you can forget about your worries completely in this manga. Watching Suzu take the wheel at essentially all times was the most entertaining part of this series for me. Whether it be sleeping, eating, or taking whatever opportunity given to attempt to pounce on Matsuri, she does it with style and with gusto. The manga also puts the attachment it makes you feel to good use, with some chapters that can really make you feel like shedding a tear.

As a romcom, a genderbend manga as well as an action manga, this one delivers all too well, even with a strong plotline that knows how to pull your heartstrings as well. With an upcoming anime, I’d say it’s even more apt of a time to start this entry in the top 20 best genderbend manga.

10. Outrage Girl Shiomi

best genderbend manga

Yakuza mob Boss Gen Shiomi, after being stuck in a mob war where his opponents are attempting to find and assassinate him to cause chaos, is made to go into hiding… as a junior high schoolgirl. An incredibly cute one, too. It’s weird to say, but this manga at times feels something like a coming-of-age story. Shiomi giving the new classmates they get to know a little bit of the wisdom of a 56-year old mob boss whenever they get into trouble, dealing with mobsters and assassins that are out to kill and all the while trying to not get involved with others only to be accepted by this new group of young friends is a moving journey to experience.

There are a lot of little tricks and gimmicks that this manga pulls off due to it’s unique premise. For example, the fact that Shiomi’s second member of Shiomi’s (unofficial) junior high gang is Shiomi’s own son. Naturally, with Shiomi’s son, Jouichirou Kiba being unaware of this fact, there’s a lot of funny antics and tense scenes to be experienced. Shiomi also looks exactly like a popular idol, Haruka Fukuhara, due to the preferences of the genius doctor that did the surgery. One joke that I particularly enjoyed is the 56 year old mob boss, slowly accepting and then becoming overconfident as if drunk on the fact that they have the cuteness of an idol.

This manga being one of my earliest genderbend manga to read, it has a very special place in my heart. Though it’s a bit short with 30 chapters at completion – each chapter having around 30 pages – it made me attached enough to make it difficult for me to accept it being done when I finished the 30th chapter, while also bringing a smile to my face at its warm ending. It was a truly heartwarming read with an emotional and bittersweet end that tied its strings together well.

11. Boku Girl

best genderbend manga

Boku Girl is definitely one of the more well known of genderbend manga. It follows a story prompted by a prank pulled by the God of Trickery, Loki herself, on an unsuspecting highschool boy – that just happens to be feminine enough to make guys fall in love with him. Finding themselves in a girl’s body the next day – by the way, nothing changed much – the main character who was already attractive enough as a guy, has to confront the consequences of their new identity, all the while trying to gain the love of their classmate, Yumeko Fujiwara, who never saw the main character as someone of the opposite sex from the start.

Boku Girl follows the typical romcom manga format and would make things pretty easy to predict – if the characters weren’t so ridiculous. The character’s are filled with life and it’s almost simple for you to get caught off guard. This genderbend manga is all about identity and learning to express yourself without shame and yes, as the story progresses the characters definitely begin to become a little more shameless. Whether that’s in the good or bad way is up to the reader to decide.

For those looking for a story full of surprises, twists, turns and plenty of eccentricity, Boku Girl is one of the best genderbend manga you could pick.

12. Birdy the Mighty

best genderbend manga

Birdy the Mighty is one of the more old school ones of the top 20 genderbend manga, with a lot of tropes and aspects that really tell of its age in the making, as well as adding to its charms. It has plenty of unique plot points and a very suave method of narration, all contributing to its position in the top 20 best genderbend manga.

Categorizing Birdy the Mighty as a genderbend manga is a rather dicey thing to do, considering that rather than the main character, Tsutomu, being turned into a girl, his consciousness is simply kept stable inside the body of an already conscious female alien, Birdy. This state of affairs is due to Birdy accidentally killing Tsutomu upon an encounter with a criminal alien syndicate, resulting in her having to take responsibility for his recovery by allowing his consciousness into her body while his physical body is repaired. Meanwhile, Tsutomu – and thus Birdy who is disguised as him when his consciousness is active – is targeted by the same criminal syndicate for knowledge of a secret that could shake the planet.

Birdy the Mighty is a slight categorical irregularity, yes, but I judged that the influence Birdy has on Tsutomu as well as just the high quality of the story were valid enough to grant this a position as one of the best genderbend manga. Well, for those just looking for a good story, you won’t find yourself wasting time on Birdy the Mighty either.

13. Onii-chan wa Oshimai

best genderbend manga

Onii-chan wa Oshimai, soon getting an anime, makes no attempt to deceive you with its cover. Possibly a candidate for the genderbend representative of the “cute girls doing cute things” genre, this genderbend manga is a blessing for feel-good or slice of life enthusiasts. The great thing about slice of life is that there’s little need to nitpick on the details – the appeal lies in just the general feeling of satisfaction it gives you by reading it.

With the main character, Mahiro, being made subject to the whims of his scientific genius younger sister, who turns him into a girl with a drug she developed to end his shut-in ways, Mahiro has to rely on their now older sister and go to middle school. Pulled around by their sister, Mahiro is made to go through torturous labour such as: going outside, shopping and participating in society. As a deadbeat shut-in, Mahiro is initially against it completely, but after making new friends and get used to life as a girl (though unwilling), Mahiro starts to spend their time more naturally – almost as if they were a middle school girl from the start.

Mahiro’s growing sense of comfort being a concern if its own, there’s a decent amount of confusion in this manga, but it does nothing to take away from the feel-good feeling each chapter brings. As one of the best genderbend manga for slice-of-life enjoyers, I’d definitely recommend Onii-chan wa oshimai for a read where you can simply sit back, relax and let your worries be cleansed away by sheer cuteness.

14. KimoOta, Idol Yarutteyo

best genderbend manga

This genderbend manga is one of my personal favourites, though it might be a bit more niche than some of the other entries on this list. The strong feelings of passion and love that the protagonist, Aisaka Yousuke, has for idols is almost infectious. With Aisaka’s first plan of action after suddenly turning into a girl one morning being to apply for a spot in his favourite idol group, we watch along as an otherwise extremely awkward, uncoordinated and socially anxious otaku eventually becomes an idol star.

Aisaka’s duality as both a performer and a fan is an endearing aspect of the series, with a large tendency for fanboying (fangirling?) that allows fellow fans like the readers to sympathize with Aisaka’s character. As a result, not only do we see Aisaka’s development in idolhood as the series progresses, but also her impact on the people around her – both positive and negative. Though not exactly a large part of the series, the conflict between the main character’s identity as the idol and otaku Aisaka Yoko versus the former just-an-otaku Aisaka Yousuke makes for some very interesting tension.

This manga is definitely among the best genderbend manga in terms of how it touches your heart with the growth of the characters and amongst the many entries in the top 20 genderbend manga, though it may be biased – KimoOta, Idol Yatteruyo is near the top of genderbend manga I’d like others to read, regardless of its ranking.

15. Hina Change

best genderbend manga

Hina Change is a genderbend manga that I’ve begrudgingly added to the list simply due to how strongly it made me feel towards the story. There were times while reading this that I honestly struggled to go to the next page out of the sheer discomfort I felt. This manga isnt a very long manga, but once you’re done, you’ll have to make sure whether it’s still the same day. A good teacher of mine once told me that good stories are often defined by how uncomfortable they can make you feel, so Hina Change would very easily pass as a great story.

Hina Change follows two childhood friends who have shared a secret magic with each other since they were little – when they wrap their pinkies together, they can swap bodies. Hina, being not that confident of a child, often relied on her childhood friend Ren to use this “magic” of theirs to help her. Soon, though, this stops. Hina and Ren distance away from each other and Hina with no “magic” left to lean on, is bullied due to her non-confrontational mentality and lack of self-esteem. As abruptly as it ended though, Ren one day goes to Hina and switches bodies with her again – this time, not to help Hina, but himself.

Hina Change is primarily about Hina “changing”, as tacky as it may sound. After Hina and Ren start to speak to each other again, with Ren relying on her, Hina begins to fall further and further into a very muddy state of mind, until you as the reader would find it difficult not to see faults in her. While Ren’s side of the story is quite important, he ultimately exists as a fuel for Hina’s development – good and bad.

The story ends in a much more light-hearted way than a few of the earlier chapters would suggest things are heading in, so in a way this manga is a rather good example of redemption as well. As discomforting as it may be, it doesn’t subtract at all from the skill with which the story is narrated, earning it a rightful place as one of the top 20 best genderbend manga.

16. Majo no Geboku to Maou no Tsuno

best genderbend manga

Majo no Geboku to Maou no Tsuno is a fantasy romcom manga that enjoys probing the reader with a lot of questions. If I were to rank each of these manga by how empathetic they were, this manga in particular would most likely be closest to the top amongst the best genderbend manga. It’s a manga that keeps the more sensitive in mind, but at the same time can get your heart fluttering easily too.

Majo no Geboku to Maou no Tsuno starts in a remote cottage housed by two witches and a servant called Arsenio. In order to create a medicine to save one of these witches from death, they need the horn’s of the nearby demon king. It’s on this trip that Arsenio meets Rei, searching for the same item. This is around where the whole “kill the demon king” thing becomes so irrelevant that it’s mostly just a sideplot, because hereon after it’s strange plot twist after plot twist to shake the relationship between the human-turned-monster (by the power of magic) Arsenio and the man-turned-woman (magic is very convenient) Rei – along with a lot of other romantic hijinks with other characters.

This manga is upon reading, very clearly leaning more towards the shojo side, distinguishing itself as one of the more supportive entries in the top 20 best genderbend manga, so for those who aren’t too fond of the whole rose-filtered glasses trope, then this might not be the best genderbend manga for you. For anyone else though, this is still one of the best genderbend manga for those who want something on the more empathetic side.

17. Thank you, Isekai!

best genderbend manga

This is a rather up-and-coming one, but with a definite charm. It’s one of the more recent manga that I’m fully expecting to develop into something amazing in a year or two. (teamtapper.com) Recently, we’ve been getting a lot more isekai manga that tries to view the isekai world in a more realistic sense, and Thank you, Isekai! is among them.

This genderbend manga has a very “down and dirty” vibe. It’s unafraid to display some pretty extreme scenes of violence that in some rare cases end up seeming more ridiculous than chilling. Similarly, the manga is also unafraid to make a fat stack of dragon turd the obstacle for one of the main characters to get their first weapon. The main characters in question, Chiba the (currently) elf girl and Sheina the (currently) human girl, are great at keeping you interested in the manga. Being the brains of the duo, Chiba keeps the two away from danger, while Sheina keeps the spirit of fun alive. The adventure story we get in this manga couldn’t be possible without either.

Thank you Isekai! gives you plenty of original takes on the isekai genre and always keeps things down to earth and relatable. Whether it be Chiba’s obsession with adventure stories, Sheina’s very expressive interest in the raunchy or the various other eccentric attributes of the characters you meet along the way, it would be unlikely to find yourself uninterested in any chapter of this genderbend manga.

18. A Wild Last Boss Appeared

best genderbend manga

A Wild Last Boss Appeared is for those who enjoy plotlines similar to Overlord, with an absolute ruler exerting their influence over the world. It’s one of the more rugged ones amongst the best genderbend manga. As is common with such stories, the world is expansive enough to fulfil anyone’s needs for world-building, and naturally so. After all, what says “absolute ruler”, more than controlling the fates of multiple countries?

The story follows a regular MMORPG player who reigned at the top of the rankings as well as the in-game world, being known as the “Wild Last Boss” Lufasu Mafaalu. After being first to achieve world unification, Lufasu orchestrates their own defeat to allow the players more freedom. Yet, when next the MC wants to log in, he finds himself inside of the game as Lufasu. Hereon, the story gets progressively more intense with the MC having to constantly be aware of their position as Lufasu, constantly being wary of the various strange changes that have come to the world of the game. Of course, the “absolute ruler” trope is well fulfilled with Lufasu’s doting followers around.

What makes it one of the best genderbend manga isn’t only it’s power fantasy aspects though, as it has an extremely intriguing over-arching plot that goes against expectations as well. Yet another good point is the soon introduced “hero” character, a washed out police officer’s son, who goes against the typical self-righteous “savior” trope and makes it his duty to actually follow indiscriminate justice, not blindly follow what the people around him tell him to do. In general, it’s an extremely refreshing read deserving of a spot in the top 20 best genderbend manga.

Unfortunately, the mangaka has been on hiatus for a while, but we are in hope of his and his manga’s safe return.

19. She professed herself the Disciple of the Sage

best genderbend manga

She professed herself the Disciple of the Sage is another one among the top 20 best genderbend manga fortunate enough to get an adaptation. Though it’s not exactly the best of the best genderbend manga, it’s a very entertaining read. A very comical one, too. She professed herself the Disciple of the Sage , as an isekai – though it’s a “reincarnated inside a game” story – has a few tropes that you’d find commonly, but by no means does it lack originality.

After falling asleep midquest the MC finds himself inside the body of his VRMMO character, Dunbalf. Not only that, he had just happened to use a cash item to change his appearance to his ideal woman before dozing off. Sent 30 years in the future and made unable to leave the game, the MC – now naming themselves Mira – continues to go explore the vast world of the former game and find others like them who may have become trapped in the game as well. There’s a lot of really interesting plotlines along the way, and plenty of well-fleshed out characters, so it never seems boring to read.

She professed herself the Disciple of the Sage doesn’t exactly stray too far from the norm, but it does what it’s expected to do quite well. While it’s not so striking of an entry as one of the best genderbend manga, I’ve included it in the ranking of the top 20 best genderbend manga due to its reliability in providing a good story to read.

20. My Dad’s the Queen of All Vtubers?!

best genderbend manga

This genderbend manga is a… strange one to say the least. As you can likely tell from the title, it’s anything but a regular read and it makes sure you’re aware of that at all times.

The concern of your favourite vtuber actually being an old man was something that was very present in the early years of vtuber presence back in 2018-2020 and that’s the hard reality that Takashi is made to face in this genderbend manga – since he finds out that his father happens to be the real face behind his own most beloved Vtuber, Kizuke Yai. This manga constantly feeds you hard to swallow pills with panels such as this infamous one:

It’s a fun read for a genderbend manga that is often so cringey that you can’t help but laugh and I’d recommend this to anyone looking for something to sink their time in when they’re looking for something silly to read.

I hope that you can enjoy these 20 genderbend manga when looking for your next manga to read, and if you’ve read any of these or have any other manga you’d have liked to see in the list or if you’ve found any interest to read the manga listed here, talk to us in the comments. And for more interesting manga content, follow our Instagram.

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