A Certain Scientific Railgun 3rd Season Announced


Date: 12/10/2018

The 25th Anniversary Fall Dengeki Festival event, Over the weekend, announced, A Certain Scientific Railgun will be receiving a new season in 2019. Alongside the announcement, they also revealed a visual for the 3rd season. And a trailer previewing A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 3.

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A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 3 First Visual
A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 3 Visual Announcement Trailer

It was also announced all the main cast from the original seasons will be returning to there main character roles. A Certain Scientific Railgun is a spin-off to the series Toaru Majutsu no Index. Which also recently received it’s 3rd season which is currently airing in fall 2018. The main series that’s currently airing will receive 26 episodes.

A Certain Scientific Railgun received 2 seasons in the past. the first season began airing in 2009. The second season began airing in 2013. In total the series currently has 48 episodes excluding the OVA’s that was also released for it. No more info was released at the event for the series so we going to have to wait a bit longer to find out when the series will air in 2019 and how many episodes it will have.

A Bears Quick Personal Thoughts

I’m happy…yeah that’s all I pretty much want to say. It was already great news seeing Toaru Majutsu no Index season 3 airing. After waiting 7 long years for a sequel. Now we even get a new season for A Certain Scientific Railgun. Fans of the index series are being spoiled right now. This news is extra important to me since I love A Certain Scientific Railgun more than the main series so I am so excited and happy about this announcement.

Seriously with this announcement and the fact that the 3rd season of  Toaru Majutsu no Index is airing right now.  what more could a fan of the index series ask for?  Well believe it or not there is even a better announcement that also came out for the index series. I’ll be covering that announcement in the next article. You’ll understand why I said Index fans are really being spoiled right now when you see the next article.

But while you wait for the next article related to the Index series. Do go check out THEBIEM Anime and Manga News Roundup 09/10/2018 Edition to find out news about some other anime and manga related news.

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