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Updated on: 08/01/2023

It can be hard at times to categorize right and wrong in simple white and black boxes. Some things are just grey; what may be right from the perspective of one person maybe wrong from another’s. Same way, someone who is a hero may very well be a villain for others. Lelouch stands in the same position. A prince-turned-commoner decides to go against his own empire that is nothing but a greedy, unjust, and tyrannical superpower snatching away the freedom of other countries.

In an alternate reality, The Empire of Britannia has defeated and taken control over Japan by using exceptionally advanced destructive robots called Knightmare. And to degrade it more, it’s been renamed Area 11 and its civilians as eleven’s. Lelouch Lamperouge, a Britannian student one day unexpectedly finds himself in a crossfire between the nightmares and the Area 11 rebellions. He is saved by a mysterious girl named C.C., who not only rescues him from a prospective death but also grants him the power of Geass, with which he can get anyone to do anything.

With his newfound ability, Lelouch decides to defeat the Empire of Britannia and take his revenge along with ending the tyrannical and unjust rule over Japan; under the mask of Zero. Code Geass with its fast-paced anime filled with action, thriller, comic components, and a suspenseful plotline, will keep you on the edge of your seat till the very end. The unpredictability is another factor that contributes to making this series so mind-blowing that one can’t get enough of it. Here is a list of 20 anime similar to Code Geass that can quench your thirst for anime with strategic battles, fabulous characters, and an engaging storyline.

Here Are 20 Anime Similar To Code Geass

1. Akame ga Kill

Agame ga Kill, similar to Code Geass, is an anime about a rebel group fighting against a powerful and corrupt government. The series gives you a glimpse into the state of a nation when the sovereign leader is incompetent, ignorant, and not benevolent. How without a strong and compassionate leader to run a welfare state, the citizens suffer.

Tatsumi, a young fighter comes to the imperial capital to earn fame and money for his small village, only to realize the extent of corruption and tyranny of the empire. Tatsumi comes across Night Raid, a team of assassins belonging to the revolutionary army fighting against the empire. Impressed with their ideals and resolve, he decides to join Night Raid and contribute his abilities for the good of people. Like Code Geass, the protagonist and his team in Akame ga Kill is also treated as a villain by the general populace, without understanding their true motive.

The story plot of the series, similar to Code Geass is fast-paced with unpredictable twists and turns. If you enjoyed watching Code Geass, then you are sure to like Akame ga Kill as well.

2. Big Order

Anime similar to code geass

Have you ever thought about how a simple act of yours may affect others? What if you were given a chance for one of your wishes to be granted? What would you wish for? And how will it affect others? Eiji Hoshiyama, a child whose wish caused an event called ‘Great Destruction. The world started falling apart, killing many people along the way. Similar to Code Geass, the Protagonist of Big Order also acquires the power to control others.

After the great destruction, many other people also have their one true wish fulfilled. These people are commonly known as ‘Orders’ and are hated by normal people. Eiji especially is the target of their hate, but things get tough when the orders that hate him start trying to kill them. But with the help of his powers to make anyone his puppet, he not only saves his life but his sister’s as well.

Similar to Code Geass’s Lelouch, Eiji also takes on a journey of world domination to make the world a better place for his sister and keep her safe and happy. Eiji and Lelouch are quite similar in the sense, that they are both ready to do anything for the well-being of their sister.

3. Guilty Crown

anime similar to code geass

It’s another anime with a dystopian world in a futuristic setting. Similar to Code Geass, Guilty Crown also depicts the story of a war between two factions, a revolutionary group standing against the tyrannical power controlling the affairs of Japan. However, unlike Code Geass, the protagonist in this series is not part of the revolutionary group but is caught between the two.

After an outbreak of a mysterious virus called Lost Christmas, that slowly crystallizes people; GHQ, a quasi-government organization takes control over Japan, under the pretense of assisting in crisis control. Funeral Parlor is a resistance group that uses mecha weapons to fight GHQ with the goal to control the outgrowing of the virus and end the control of GHQ on Japan.

Shuu Ouma is a high school student who obtains the Power of the King which allows him to extract voids from other people, after meeting Inori Yuzuriha, a member of Funeral Parlor. This is how Shou gets caught in the fight between the GHQ and Funeral Parlor. If you enjoyed watching Code Geass, then you might also enjoy the unique plot of Guilty Crown.

4. Death Note

Death note, an anime series similar to Code Geass, depicts a fascinating and well-plot battle of wits between the two main characters. Although unlike Code Geass, it is not based on revolution and war against the nobility, however similar to Code Geass, the protagonist in this series also uses his supernatural powers to eradicate evil from society by any means.

Light Yagami, a 17-year-old high school student finds ‘the Death Note’ of the death God, which states that he can kill anyone just by writing their name on it. Unable to believe such nonsense, Light decides to try it and writes the name of a felon. Much to his surprise, the felon actually dies. With a twisted sense of justice, Light takes on the alias of Kira and decides to free the world of the evil-doers. But when are things so simple?

With the sudden death of so many felons, the Japanese government calls a genius Detective L to investigate the case. With L behind his trail, Kira now has to use all his meticulous mastermind to avoid being discovered. Death Note similar to Code Geass is an incredible anime series with the perfect mix of dark, mystery, strategic battles, and suspense.

5. Owari no Seraph

Seraph of the End is another action-military anime with supernatural elements similar to Code Geass. Owari no Seraph and Code-Geass share many similarities between two, from the genre of the series to many elements in the Plot. Similar to Code Geass, this series is also based in a dystopian world with a huge power imbalance in society.

Due to the spread of a mysterious virus, the human population endures a fatal impact as all the adults die, leaving children to fend for themselves. If it wasn’t enough, Vampires; an existence considered a myth, come to take control over the remaining population of the world and take them underground. One way to provide protection and another to make them their blood slaves. Yuichiro and Mikaela are two orphans from Hyakuya Orphanage who are also taken by the vampires. While trying to escape, Mikaela sacrifices himself so that Yuichiro can get to safety; strengthening Yuichiro’s resolve to end every vampire in existence.

Similar to Code Geass, the two friends end up on opposite sides, trying to fight for what they believe is right. If you liked the friendship dynamics between Lelouch and Suzaku in Code Geass, then you will like the bitter-sweet friendship between Mika and Yuichiro as well.

6. 91 Days

91 Days is another anime similar to Code Geass with its strategic planning and vengeful plot line. From the very first episode, the similarities between Lelouch from Code Geass and Avilio are impeccable. Both the characters are strategic geniuses with foolproof planning and out-worldly fore-sightedness.

Angelo Laguna decides to change his name and identity after witnessing the gruesome murder of his parents and younger brother by the Vanetti Mafia Family. But never letting the fire of vengeance die down, he continues plotting and planning how to get his revenge. Angelo now Avilio gets a chance to avenge the death of his family when he receives a mysterious letter calling him back to his hometown. Coming back Avilio befriends Nero, Vanetti Don’s son, and starts killing all the people involved with his family’s death.

If you enjoyed the manipulative genius of Lelouch, then you are going to love Avilio’s wits and strategic abilities. Even though the plot and world-building of 91 Days are not similar to Code Geass, there still are many similarities between the two animes.

7. The Irregular at Magic High School

Magic and technology can be said to be two completely opposite things. But what if they can be brought together? The combination of the supernatural and technology is sure a hard one to fathom. But similar to Code Geass, The Irregular at Magic Hig School has portrayed the two together fabulously. This series portrays a time when science is so advanced that now magic can be wielded with the help of technology.

The anime revolves around two siblings, Miyuki and Tatsuya Shiba who goes to First High School, a prestigious Magic School. Where after taking an exam, the two are divided into two different categories; Miyuki in Bloom which is for magically advanced individuals, and Tatsuya in Weed, for magically inept. But to everyone’s surprise, Tatsuya has exceptional talent in technical knowledge and magic techniques, making him the irregular for the classification.

If you enjoyed watching the loving and doting relationship between Lelouch and his sister, then you will probably like this series as well. Similar to Code Geass, the anime is also fast-paced and action-filled, with elements of mystery and romance. If this is what attracted you to Code Geass then The Irregular at Magic High School may just be your next favorite.

8. Gankutsuou

Gankutsuou is a sci-fi anime adaptation of the classic tale of The count of Monte Cristo. Although Gankutsuou is not similar to Code Geass in the action and military genre, the part revolving around betrayal, revenge, and injustice to the main protagonist, sure is similar to Code Geass’s plot line. The storyline is portrayed from the perspective of Viscount Albert, who meets and comes to idolize one of his father’s enemies.

Albert, a young noble bored with his everyday life decides to attend a festival on the moon city of Luna, where he comes across a self-made noble, The Count of Monte Cristo. The mysterious and wealthy Count, surrounded by beautiful women and several bodyguards fascinates Albert. Unwilling to depart so soon after befriending the Count, Albert invites him to join the high society of Paris. Unknown to Albert, The Count of Monte Cristo is the same person his father once framed and forcefully took his fiancee to be his own.

Gankutsuou is a story of love and revenge. Similar to Lelouch, Count of Monte Cristo’s Vengence fuel him to scheme and plot to bring the true face of his wrong-doer to the public. If you enjoyed watching Code Geass then you should give Gankutsuou a try.

9. Yuukoku no Moriarty

Similar to Code Geass, Moriarty the Patriot is also based on the theme of righteousness and social equality. The anime revolves around an orphan named Willian James, who desires to destroy the prevailing class system in Europe by any means necessary. His schemes and strategies will remind you how he is similar to Code Geass’s Lelouch.

William James is a crime consultant, who along with his brother Louis is adopted by Albert Moriarity’s family. Living together, they come to realize their shared hatred for Albert’s ruthless blood-brother and Britain’s corrupt class system. They plan to kill Albert’s brother and burn the whole state, afterward starting a new life. With their next goal to end the corrupt nobility system, the three start on a new journey. 

If you enjoy strategic plot-based anime similar to Code Geass, then This series sure is for you. Especially if you are a fan of the Sherlock Holmes series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

10. Najimaki Seirei Senki

To win a war army is not the only necessary thing. Along with power and resources, intelligence is also important to win any battle. Similar to Code Geass’s Lelouch, Ikta Solork is also a genius commander in charge who is capable of turning any odd ends in his favor with his military tactics.

Ikta is a young man who loathes war and wants to do nothing with it, rather sleep his life away. But when a war breaks out between his country, Katjvarna, and its neighboring state, Kiorka Republic, he finds himself on a boat of military officers heading for the military exam site. But due to a sudden storm, they end up in the enemy territory saving Katjvarna’s princess. And now Ikta, thanks to his strategic ability in a battleground and bravery, unwillingly has to play the role of a hero and shoulder the burden of the title of Imperial Knight

If you enjoy watching anime with war and military scenarios, then this anime is just for you. Similar to Code Geass, Nejimaki Seirei Senki also deals with war, military strategy, and political technicalities but with a comedic undertone.

11. Psycho-Pass

Psycho-Pass is another anime similar to Code Geass, that contemplates the concept of right and wrong, social equality, and social justice. The series is set in a futuristic world where the criminality of a person is determined by an automatic Sybil System instead of the judiciary. It can not only measure the criminal intention of a person but also punish them if it crosses a particular limit.

Akane Tsunemori is a young woman who holds a deep-rooted sense of justice and a desire to help people. With an intent to maintain law and order she joins the police force. While working with her partner Shinya Kogami, she soon realizes the true nature of the Sybil system and starts questioning its judgment and impartiality.

Psycho-Pass, similar to Code Geass, portrays the unjust and corrupt side of the government and the main characters’ efforts to bring down such tyranny. It also questions whether objectivity and indifference are actually essential for justice and welfare of the society.

12. Legend of Galactic Heroes

As it is rightfully said, nothing stays stationary for long. The same is for a 150-years-old statemate between two galactic entities, The Galactic Empire and the Free Planet Alliance, that has come to an end with a change in power. Similar to Code Geass, this series also depicts the story of revolution, machiavellian schemas, military, and war.

Reinhard is a military genius belonging to The Galactic Empire to unify humanity, all the while trying to save his crumbling dynasty. He is ready to fight any war and use any means to attend to his goal and free his sister from Kaiser. On the other hand, there is Yang Wanli Free Planet Alliance’s historian, a strict supporter of democracy who believes that no good comes from the aristocracy. Both have their own ideologies and neither is ready to back down.

With the clash in Wanli and Reinhard’s ideologies, it’s hard to decide who is wrong and who is right. Similar to Code Geass, This series also portrays right and wrong as a grey areas. If you enjoyed watching Code Geass, you would probably like This series as well, with their similar genre and plot structure.

13. Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited

Zettai Karen Children, also known as the Ultimate Psychic Squad, similar to Code Geass, revolves around an anti-hero who is intent on bringing change into society with his superpowers. This series also tells a tale of revolution in society to bring social equality and justice, for which the protagonist s ready to take any means, whether legal or illegal.

Kyousuke Hyoubu, a man who is known to the public as a Villain is actually one working as a hero. Maybe not to all of the people but for ESPers for sure. In a world where ESPers are mistreated by humans, his goal is to save as many ESPers as possible. Hyoubu is one of the most powerful ESPers who even as a fugitive and an outlaw, leaves nothing behind to save people of his kind. And he has now earned the loyalty of those he has saved and started a group called P.A.N.D.R.A.

Similar to Code Geass’ Lelouch, Hyoubu also has a rebellious outlook on most things, and he is ready to go to any limit, and use any means to do what he thinks is tight. If you enjoy watching anime with characters that are hard to label as good or bad, this series may be just for you.

14. Terror in Resonance

Similar to Code Geass, Terror in Resonance also deals with the theme of terrorism and a high school youth with impeccable strategic ability. Both the series have well-structured plot lines, psychological warfare elements, and strong characters with firm beliefs. Although there is no actual war or military involvement in the anime, its similarity with Code Geass can not with denied.

To bring an unethical secret experiment by Rising Peace Academy on orphan children, two survivors of the said experiments take devastating measures to bring the matter into light. With no legal means in sight to bring such nefarious activity to the public, Nine and Twelve steal an atomic bomb prototype. They upload a video, under the alias of Sphinx, threatening to destroy Japan if a cryptic riddle is not solved. Would they really act on their threat? Can anyone decipher the riddle before the time’s up?

As it can be seen, similar to Code Geass, the protagonist of this series also wants to do something good but doesn’t mind the means, even if it takes people’s life. The suspense and the psychological warfare will not let you leave your seat until you have reached the end of the series.

15. Full Metal Panic

Although Full Metal Panic does not deal with an all-around revolution and war against the state, it still has a lot of elements similar to Code Geass. Similar to Code Geass, this series orbits around political scenarios and mecha in a school setting. The series follows a teenage girl Kaname Chidori, who suddenly finds herself with an unconventional bodyguard.

Sousuke Sagara, a member of Mithril, a covert high-tech military unit that combats terrorism in the nation, is appointed for a high-grade super sensitive mission. But much to his surprise, the mission is to protect a high school student Kaname Chidori; and more to his dismay, he will also have to study at her high school as a student for the time being. The situation gets hilarious due to Sousuke’s lack of social skills and his habit of interpreting everything from a military perspective.

Aside from how similar it is to Code Geass, the series is a masterpiece in itself. It has a fabulous mix of humor, suspense, and mystery. If you are looking for an anime similar to Code Geass but something that is a bit on the lighter side, then this one is just for you.

16. Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu

Similar to Code Geass, The Legend of the Legendary Heroes also contemplate the sacrifices that need to be made to change the world. This series also revolves around an anti-hero fantasy, with the protagonist having the power to control other people.

In a world of mages and warriors, it is rare to have Alpha stigma ability. Ryner Lute is an alpha-stigma bearer, who once studied in the Roland Empire’s Magician Academy, which trains mages to fight in the war; decides to leave the military after several of his friends die in a war. He, with his best friend Sion Astal, the King of Roland takes an oath to bring world peace and equality so that no one is discriminated against; whether they are a mage or alpha-stigma bearer. So now, Ryner is on a mission to find useful relics with the help of a female warrior to help the nation of Roland.

Although the world-building of the two anime are not the same, one deals with fantasy and the other with mecha, there still are a lot of similarities between the two. If you are looking for an anime similar to Code Geass filled with action, mystery, and righteousness, then you should give this one a try.

17. Nobunaga the Fool

Nobunaga the Fool, similar to Code Geass is also set in a world going through war. After the Dragon stream, a chain binding the two planets of east and west is broken, and the planets start deteriorating due to the war and bloodshed.

Jeanne Kaguya d’Arc, a seer from the Western planet has a vision of the birth of a Saviour King, who will bring the war to an end. She embarks on a journey with Leonardo, another celestial, in search of the savior king. While traveling to the east, when the two get caught in a military confrontation, Nobunaga saves them. Nobunaga, the heir of the Eastern Country of Owari, is considered a fool by everyone that knows him. But do they really know him? Is he actually a fool or just pretending to be?

If you enjoyed watching the action sequence and the warfare in Code Geass, you must give this series a chance. Apart from its similarities to Code Geass, the anime has its own unique world-building and story plot. If you are a fan of historical action anime series, Nobunaga the fool might just become one of your favorites.

18. 86

86 is an anime inspired by Code Geass. Hence there is no doubt it will be similar to Code Geass. Both the series portray a story of military groups of a country fighting against a powerful empire that has segregated it and dominated it, making the living for the general public hard.

A war without any casualties is impossible. But what about the claim of the Republic of San Magnolia, which says to be fighting the ongoing war against the Gisdian Empire only with drones? Is it even possible? Apparently not, it’s all a sham. Unknown to the people of 85 sectors that live protected within the walls, there is Sector 86, where young men and women are forced to fight against the autonomous legion under the command of the handlers.

Vladilena ‘Lena’ Milize is an Alba noble and a military officer appointed as a handler for Spearhead Squad, a unit consisting of only 86 veterans. Working with them, she realizes their plight and decides to help them. 86, similar to Code Geass is action-packed sci-fi anime that will keep you stuck to your seat until the very end.

19. RahXephon

RahXephon; the story plot and world-building of the anime are as unique as the name of the series is. RehXephon, similar to Code Geass, is a Mecha anime with military drama. It’s set in a world where only one city is left surviving on Earth, living inside a protective dome called Tokyo Jupiter.

Ayato Kamina is a 17-year-old high school student whose life suddenly turns upside down when his city is attacked by futuristic fighter machines called Golems. Ayato comes to know about the true reality of Tokyo Jupiter when he meets a woman named Haruka Shitow. If it were not enough, one of his classmates Reika Mishima takes him to The Shrine of Xephon, where after an unexpected turn of events, he acquires a strange power and gets connected to a being called RehXephon.

If you are looking for an anime similar to Code Geass, with a fantastic mix of supernatural and Mecha, then this might just be what you are looking for.

20. Ingress

Ingress is set in a world where scientists have discovered a mysterious element called Exotic Matter, that has the capacity of influencing the human mind and giving it extraordinary abilities. Although the premise of the series is different from that of Code Geass, there are other elements such, as a war between two factions, sci-fi, action, and suspense that are similar to Code Geass.

With such a substance, there is an opportunity as well as a threat to humankind. To exploit and monopolize this new element, government and private corporations have landed in a battle for control. When a researcher at Halong Group Sarah Coppola with mysterious abilities tries to bring the true face of the group in front of the public, she is captured and subdued. But not before a psychic investigator Makoto Midorikawa, comes to know about it, and starts to uncover the mystery behind Halong HQ.

Ingress is an anime that you might want to try if you enjoyed the suspense, sci-fi, and supernatural element in Code Geass.

Code Geass is no doubt a strategic masterpiece. The planning and plotting, the twists and turns, keep the thrill building, keeping you hooked up to the anime. Based on the genre and themes of the anime, the present list contains the top 20 anime similar to Code Geass. Have you seen any of these anime series similar to Code Geass in the list before? Which one did you like the best? Do comment and share with us.

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