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Updated on: 08/01/2023

If you are looking for a light-hearted comedy, then anime based on a 4-Koma manga might be what you are looking for. The anime series based on 4-Koma manga are usually short with little to no plot, so you can enjoy it without involving much of your brain capacity. Not trying to keep you away from your next source of easy laughter and dopamine, here is the list of the 20 best anime based on a 4-Koma manga series. Enjoy your next anime!

Here Are 20 Most Cheerful Anime Based on a 4-Koma Manga

1. K-ON

Anime Based on a 4-Koma Manga

K-on is one of the classic 4-Koma manga authored by Kakifly, which was later adopted and produced by Kyoto Animation into an anime series of the same name. But the anime version based on the 4-Koma manga is even more entertaining because of its unique and quirky music. The series revolves around the members of the Light Music club.

Yui Hirasawa is a freshman in high school who is searching for a perfect club to join and make new friends. She comes across Light Music Club, which is on the verge of disbanding due to the lack of a requisite number of members. Ritsu Tainaka and Mio Akiyama, the drummer and the bassist of the club; after finding Tsumugi as the Keyboard player, are on their quest to find the last member as soon as possible. Yui decides to join the club as the guitarist, even though she doesn’t even know how to play the guitar.

If you love music and stupid-though-endearing shenanigans of high school girls, then this anime based on a 4-Koma manga will make your day. The series is light-hearted and absolutely hilarious, with a lot of heart-warming moments, that will make you remember your own friends. And if it makes you want to learn a new instrument, then that’s a bonus.

2. Gugure! Kokkuri-San

Gogure! Kakure San is another unique and adorable anime series based on a 4-Koma manga series. The anime is based on a 4-Koma manga of the same name by Midori Endo. The anime is about a friendship between a child who lives alone and a fox spirit she accidentally summons, who decides to stay with her.

Kohina Ichimatsu is an elementary school girl who proclaims to be a doll and survives on instant ramen. One day she plays a game called Kokkuri and summons a fox spirit called Kokkuri-san. Finding her living alone and without proper food, he decides to stay and take care of her. And since then, Kohina never had a lonely or uneventful day.

This is an anime series that will warm your heart right away on a cold day. With the bonus of being based on a 4-Koma manga, it is also extremely sweet, soft, and painstakingly hilarious. So, why not try giving a shot to the story of an elementary school girl who says ” I need sustenance” instead of ” I’m hungry”?

 3. Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga Daioh is another anime based on a 4-Koma manga. The anime revolves around the everyday life of six high school students and two of their teachers. It is a comedic light-hearted anime based on a 4-Koma manga serialized between 1996 and 2002. The manga is acclaimed as ‘ the master of the four-panel form ‘ because of its cheeky and eccentric characters and art style.

Chiyo Mihama is a child prodigy who is studying in high school right now with students 5 years older than her. Yukari Tanizaki is her new homeroom teacher who will do anything to not be late to the class, the standard for weirdness is already set too low. She comes to meet many students in her class with peculiar personalities. Even though it is hard to fit in most time, she makes friends with 5 other students in her class. This is the story of Chiyo with her new friends and two very eccentric teachers in the tag.

So, if you are looking for a simple-stupid high school comedy based on a 4-Koma manga, you must give Azumanga Daioh a try.

4. Orenchi no Furo Jijou

Anime Based on a 4-Koma Manga

Do you think mermaid exists? What would you do if you were to meet one? Tatsumi never did but meets one and ends up making friends with them. The series is uniquely structured to be humorous all the while dealing with a serious topic such as pollution towards the well-being of the aquatic life. Mermaid in My Tub is an anime based on a 4-Koma manga of the same name written and illustrated by Itokichi, which was later adapted into an anime series by Asahi Production in 2014.

One day while coming back home Tatsumi encounters a man who collapsed near a lake. When he goes to help him, Tatsumi realizes that the man is actually a mermaid named Waukesha. Tatsumi offers him his bathtub when Wakasha tells him how the lake’s been too polluted for him to live in there. Now, Tatsumi has a new roommate with a neverending curiosity about human life. And if this wasn’t already overwhelming, Wakasha’s friends have become a regular uninvited occurrence in his house.

If you are looking for a unique story plot that is light-hearted and hilarious, then, this anime might just be for you. It is a short anime based on a 4-Koma manga that you can even finish within your lunch break.

5. Gekkan Soujo Nozaki-Kun

Have you ever found yourself in communication that started with a misunderstanding but continued because you didn’t know whether you should stop or how to clear it? Because this is what happens with Chiyo Shakura when she goes to confess her love to her crush but ends up becoming his assistant. An unexpected turn of events indeed. Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-Kun is an anime based on a 4-Koma manga, written and illustrated by Izumi Tsubaki.

Chiyo is a cheerful High School student who has a crush on one of her schoolmates Umetaro Nozaki. One day she gathers enough courage and decides to confess her feeling. However, instead of an answer, she receives an autograph. She tries to clarify the misunderstanding but receives an offer to work with him as his assistant. Thinking about it as an opportunity to be close to her crush, she accepts the offer to be his assistant. She later finds out that he is actually the renowned manga artist Sakiko Yumeno, working under a pen name.

So, this is the story of Chiyo trying to learn the basics of being an assistant to a manga artist, all the while trying to get him to realize her true feelings. If you are looking for an anime series based on a 4-Koma manga that revolves around a love story with hilarious plot twists and ridiculous characters, this is just for you.

6. The Demon Girl Next Door.

The Demon Girl Next Door is another fantasy anime with a unique storyline, based on a 4-Koma manga series. The series revolves around a newly awakened demon girl who needs to kill a magical girl to lift an age-long curse from her clan. This sounds dark and serious but it is anything but that. The anime is based on a 4-Koma manga ‘Machikado Mazoku’ also known as Street Corner Demon authored by Izumo Ito.

Yuuko Yoshida one day wakes up to find that she belongs to the Dark Clan and is a demon. And now she needs to lift an eternity-long curse from her family by killing a member of the Light Clan. But now the question arises, where is she going to find one? Maybe fate is on her side, as she shortly finds out that one of her classmates Momo Chiyoda is a magical girl belonging to the Light Clan. When she tries to attack her she comes to know she is no match for Momo’s strength and talent. Taking pity on her Momo decides to help her unlock her powers.

And so, an unexpected friendship arises between the two. If you love watching adorable anime with magical girls based on a 4-Koma manga with an original and unique plot then this series is just for you.

7. Place to Place

Acchi Kocchi similar to its name is a cute anime based on a 4-Koma manga. Place to Place is a manga series written and illustrated by Ishiki, which was later adapted by AIC in 2012 into an anime series. The anime is a quasi-romantic series depicting the day-to-day life of Tsumiki Miniwa and Io Otonashi and their friend group.

Tsumiki is a serious-natured girl who is in love with her soft-hearted best friend Io, who is stubbornly oblivious of his best friend’s inner turmoils. Even after trying her hardest Tsumiki finds her incapable of confessing her feelings to Io. And Io, according to everyone else but himself, has a tendency to be more attentive and friendlier with Tsumiki. They are more than friends but not together even when they unknowingly don’t want to part from each other.

This is the story of their friendship and how it progressed. Place to Place is an absolutely adorable anime series focusing on friendship and teenage love. It’s an anime based on a 4-Koma manga that you can enjoy in the evening after a tiring day.

8. Servant x Service

Anime Based on a 4-Koma Manga

There are a lot of reasons you might have heard for which a person wanted to become a civil servant, but this might be new and amusing for you. Lucy Yamagami decided to become a civil servant to take revenge on the civil official who permitted her ridiculously long name to be officiated on her birth certificate. New, isn’t it? The anime is based on a 4-Koma manga authored by Karino Takatsu.

The anime depicts the frustrating, exhausting, and irritating office of three new civil officials Lucy Yamagami, Yutaka Hasebe, and Saya Miyoshi. The three start their training under a senior colleague Taishi Ichimiya, who has been working there for 8 years but still has no idea what to do. Working with angry clients, an incompetent supervisor, weird coworkers, and an unsatisfactory environment, the three newbies start losing faith in their chosen occupation. Still, Yutaka, Saaya, and Lucy encourage each other and keep going, hoping for better days.

With its unique plot and unexpected slice-of-life elements, it sure is going to entertain you. If you look up to civil servants in government offices, then, why not give this anime revolving around the same topic based on a 4-Koma manga a try? You might just come to like it.

9. Kemono to Chat

Do you like animals? How would you like it if you could talk to them? But what if you could communicate with only one; which one would you prefer? Kemono to Chat is another anime series based on a 4-Koma manga, with an absolutely unique plot. The story orbits around Chacha, a 15-years-old girl who, much to her misfortune, can communicate with the cats.

 Chacha Kenomoto belongs to a family whose surname literary translates to ‘ Chatting with creatures’. Having the ability to communicate with cats does not only means, that she can talk to them when she wants, but also includes the ability to listen whenever they are talking among themself or even rambling, which can get annoying really fast if you are trying to concentrate. Hence, more often than not, Chacha’s life is filled with more gossip about the cats than the humans.

If you are looking for a short anime based on a 4-Koma manga that you can finish within your lunch break, then this one is just for you. It’s a cute little anime to make you smile in the middle of your cumbersome day.

10. RPG Real Estate

RPG Real Estate is fantasy anime placed in an alternate world, where after 15 years of the defeat of the demon lord, the world has finally settled down. The anime is based on a 4-Koma manga series by Chiyo Kenmotsu, which was later adapted by Doga Kobo and aired in April 2022. The series revolves around a 16-year-old newly graduated mage Kotone Kazairo, who is starting her new life in the royal capital as a real estate agent.

Kotone moves to Dali: The royal Capital of the Kingdom of Actus, to start the next chapter of her life after graduating from school. To find accommodation, she consults RPG ( Rent Plan Guide), a real estate agency. Coincidently, it is the same place she is going to start working in a few days. Without wasting any time she starts learning about her work from her colleagues, Priest Rufuria, Warrior Rakira, and Half-human Fa.

So, this is Kotono’s journey in learning the ins and outs of being a real estate agent while working with her eccentric coworkers. It’s not always easy to match the perfect house for their diverse clients’ specific and sometimes weird preferences, but no day is dull anymore. This is another simple anime based on a 4-Koma manga that you can enjoy anytime.

11. Senryu Girl

Everyone has their own way of talking, but it cannot be denied that some people have an especially peculiar way of communicating. Nanako Yukishiro is one of those people. Instead of speaking Nanako communicates in senryu, a form of haiku poetry that utilizes the 5-7-5 format. This might prove to be a problem for some people but for Amane Katagi, the president of the Literature Club, it’s a fortunate experience. The anime is based on a 4-Koma manga written and illustrated by Masakuni Igarashi.

The series focuses on the blooming relationship between Nanako and Eiji-Busujima, a misunderstood ex-delinquent. Eiji is another member of the Literature Club, who is taken as intimidating by other students and frequently targeted by other delinquents due to his appearance. But in truth, he has a very soft heart and loves his elder sister to bits. Now, Nanko’s high school life is filled with amazing friends and cheerful moments and nothing is no longer boring.

If you enjoy watching high school comedy revolving around cute love stories and friendship, you must give this anime based on a 4-Koma manga a try. And if you are interested in poetry, then this is going to be a memorable series for you.

12. Hori San to Miyamura Kun

Another anime based on a 4-Koma manga revolves around the high school life of two teenagers who seem to have completely different appearances and personalities. But you can never know what lies below the cover of the book, and the same is for the two high schoolers as well. This series is an anime adaptation of a self-published Japanese manga with the same name, written and illustrated by Hiroki Adachi.

Hori is the most popular girl in her class because of her cheerful personality, beautiful appearance, and smart brain. On the other hand, Izumi Miyamura is a shy nerd who rarely talks to his classmates. The two are polar opposite but unexpectedly become close friends after unexpectedly sharing their true identities. Hori, unknown to her classmates is a simple girl who likes to do housework and take care of her younger brother Souta. One day Souta is escorted home by a boy with multiple piercings and tattoos, who happens to be Izumi. After recognizing each other they decide to keep the other’s personality secret.

The two start spending time with each other and realize the similarities they share, becoming close friends. It’s a sweet and light-hearted anime series based on a 4-Koma manga that you can enjoy after a dull day.

13. New Game!

Another office anime based on a 4-Koma manga revolving around friendship and shenanigans. New Game is an anime adaptation of a Japanese manga of the same name by Shotaro Tokuno. The series revolves around a high school student who gets to work in her dream company and makes new friends.

Aoba Suzukaze has been a big fan of Fairies Story, a video game series by Eagle Jump. And as soon as she finishes high school, she applies for her dream company and much to her delight gets accepted. What’s even more awesome is that now she will be world on the latest installment of her favorite game series: Faries Story 3. She is over the moon to work with the people who share her passion for the game. All the while designing perfect characters, structuring the game, and fixing all those annoying errors Aoba comes to make friends with all the eccentric but amazing people working in her team.

If you like online gaming and are fascinated by game designs and character sketching then you are sure to like this anime based on a 4-Koma manga. It’s an office anime that will get you excited about working with a team, even if you are a solo player.

14. Pan de Peace!

Do you have any friend who shares the same preference for food as you? If yes, then this series is going to remind you of them. Pan de Peace!, also known as Peace through bread is an anime based on a 4-Koma manga that was written and illustrated by Emily. It was adapted into an anime by Asahi Production and aired in 2016. As the name suggests, the series depicts the tale of 4 high school girls who become friends because of their love for bread.  

Minami Tani is a high school girl obsessed with bread. On the first day of high school, she meets Yuu Aizawa and Fuyumi Fukugawa, who shares her love for baked goods and instantly become friends. Minami meets another girl Noa Sakura who uses Bread more as a weapon than food and decides to bring her to her friend group. So, this is the story of four girls dealing with their high school life and going crazy over loaves of bread and pastries.

If you are a fan of baked goods then this anime based on a 4-Koma manga is just for you. Why not laugh over their antics, while enjoying a piece of bread yourself? 

15. Doujin Work

Sometimes, the goals we set for ourselves are not easy and take more patience and energy than we thought it would, making us feel that maybe it would be better to leave it and try something else. But it’s good to remember that good things take time and in the end, it’s all worth it. You can take inspiration from Najimi if you want. The anime is based on a 4-Koma manga of the same name written and illustrated by Hiroyuki which later aired in 2007.

After losing her latest job, Najimi Osana, a young and lost college student starts looking for a source of livelihood. After going to a convention with her friend Tsuyuri and seeing her earning a lot by selling her own doujinshi Najimi decides to create doujins of her own. Her resolves get even stronger when she finds out that another of her childhood friend, Justice is a very successful doujin artist. But she soon comes to realize, that it is not as easy to construct and sell doujins in the competitive field.

But with the help of her friends Tsuyuri, Justice, and Sora she decides to persist to make a name for herself in the doujin world. Are you looking for an anime that is light-hearted, inspiring, utterly ridiculous, and based on a 4-Koma Manga then, this one might just suit your taste.

16. Kiniro Mosaic

Kiniro Mosaic, also known as Golden Mosaic is a story of friendship that crosses the border of country and language. The simple but unique anime series with a beautiful art style and picturesque scenes are based on a 4-Koma manga of the same name authored by Yui Hara; which was later adapted into an anime by Studio Gokumi and aired in 2013.

Shinobu Omiya, a Japanese student had the opportunity for a short home study in England, where she made friends with the daughter of the household, Alice Cartelet. Now, after five years, she receives a letter from Alice that she is coming to Japan and will be staying with Shinobu and attending her high school. So, this is the tale of the everyday life of Alice in Japan with Shinobu and her friend group.

A simple and endearing anime filled with laughter, based on a 4-Koma manga, that will keep you smiling. If you enjoy watching anime series with high school friends doing spontaneous things and having fun, this series is just for you.

17. Tsurezure Children

High school is a very eventful time of life for any teenager. Everyone is trying to write their own story, whether it be finding their love life, new friendships, discovering new places to hang out, going for the carrier they want, or all the things together. Tsurezure Children are a story depicting the intersecting lives of several high school students trying to find their kind of love while balancing school life. The series is based on a 4-Koma manga written by Toshiya Wakabayashi about different types of love between students of a particular high school.

The basic theme of the anime is young love which is portrayed through the love story of several students whose lives intersect with each other. Being in a relationship is a first-time experience for most students during high school. It brings its own struggles and obstacles proving to bring new experiences both good and bad with it.

Tsurezure Children is a simple but satisfying anime based on a 4-Koma manga revolving around love and friendship. If you enjoy romantic comedy based in a high school setting, then you should give this series a try.

18. Recorder & Ransell

If you have a sibling, then, you must be aware of how the question of height is always a matter of contention in the house. Calling out on your sibling’s height can even start a war at times. And, it so happens that the elder sibling is shorter than the younger one, and people usually mistake them for the younger sibling. The same happens to be the case in this anime as well. Recorder & Randsell is a series based on a 4-Koma manga named Rikoda to Randoseru, also known as RecoRan, authored by Meme Higashiya.

The anime circles around the life of the Miyagawa siblings, Atsushi and his elder sister Atsumi. Atsushi is an elementary school student who looks like a young adult, while his sister who is in high school looks like a 10-year-old. This sure gives rise to a lot of misunderstandings and comedic situations that will have you rolling on the floor.

It’s a hilarious anime based on a 4-Koma manga that is sure to remind you of trifles with your siblings. If you are looking for a light-hearted anime that is based on a 4-Koma manga with sibling relations, you can give it a try.

19.  Jingai-san no Yome

Jingai-san no Yome is another anime based on a 4-Koma manga of the same name. The original manga was written by Yu Aikawa and illustrated by  Akiwo Yasaka, which was later adapted into an animation series by Saetta in 2018. This short anime based on a 4-Koma manga has a fantasy romance theme, with a few weird concepts that make you question the absurdity of it all. But it still has its own charming moments as well.

Tomori Hinowa is a normal high school student whose life suddenly changes when one day he is called in by the Principle. Like any other student, he is also wondering what trouble did he cause to be called by the Principle; but he could have never expected what was going to come. Apparently, he is chosen by a mysterious creature called Kanenogi to be their wife. After much doubt and reluctance, Tomori gives in and decides to marry the fluffy Kanenogi. The series depicts the adorable and absurd moments following the married life of Tomori and Kanenogi.

If you are looking for a quick and short anime series based on a 4-Koma manga, that you can finish in one sitting then this series is just for you. The anime consists of 12 episodes running for about 4 minutes; thus you can watch all the episodes back to back.

20. Strike Witches

What do you envision when you think about witches, pointy hats, flying on broomsticks, wands, and tacky clothes? Cause in this series, you are going to realize how stereotypical that view is. Strike Witches is an anime based on a 4-Koma manga series that presents a fabulous mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and comedy.

The series is set in an alternative universe during World War II, where instead of fighting each other the whole world’s military has gotten together to fight an alien threat called Neuroi. When the regular military weapons show no effect on the Neuroi, a new Anti-Neuroi unit called 501st Joint Fighter Team is constructed. This team that’s commonly known as ‘Strike Witches’ consists of young witches from all around the world with magical abilities who use Anti-Neuroi weapons that enhance their powers to fight these aliens.

If you are looking for a sci-fi and military action series based on 4-Koma manga, this series should fit your taste. Although the series deals with military, fighting, and terrorizing flying aliens, the underlying theme is still comedy; and thus, the mixture of it all makes it an interesting series to spend your time with.

So, this is the list of 20 absolutely hilarious anime based on a 4-Koma manga. Have you watched any of the above anime presented in this list of 20 foolishly cheerful anime based on a 4-Koma manga? Which one did you enjoy the most? Do let us know by commenting below.

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