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15+ KDrama similar to Vagabond You Should Checkout in 2020




Updated on: 01/12/2023

So, You’re in love with Cha Dal Gun and Go Hae Ri’s Journey towards finding out the truth. But, sadly, like any other great show, it too has an ending and well! It’s natural to look out for other similar shows. And that’s why we prepared a list of KDrama similar to Vagabond, just for someone like you.

Read on and list down which one is your favorite and well! Without wasting much time, start another binge-watch cycle. Also, if you know someone else who would like KDrama recommendations, then you know where to head them to, right? Now, come on, start with the list already.

15+ KDrama similar to Vagabond

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Fiery Priest - Kdrama similar to Vagabond

15. Fiery Priest

Kim Hae-il is rude to others and can make spiteful remarks. He’s also a Catholic priest. On the other hand, Koo Dae Young talks a lot and is a detective with a timid nature.  And to mix up with the pack, There’s Park Kung Sun, who is a beautiful and smart prosecutor. She is also ambitious in her career and does a good job at whatever she tries her hand at. To solve the murder case of a senior Catholic priest, the three of them work together as a team. This KDrama is more lighthearted than Vagabond but makes sure to give this one a try as it is an absolute must-watch.  Characters get plenty of chances to shine, and the show is not boring, even for a second, as the writers fill it with entertaining and important scenes. 

Healer - Kdrama similar to Vagabond

14. Healer

Kim Moon-Ho works at a major broadcasting company as a popular reporter. One day, he uncovers the true nature of a case that occurred in the past. As a result, he meets people who are related to the case and helps them. In the process, he agonizes over discovering the truth. Meanwhile, an internet reporter Chae Young-Shin and Seo Jung-Hoo, known as “Healer,”  Cross paths, and soon, Healer knows that he needs to stick around her to unravel the mystery. One thing led to another, and layers stated coming off this case, which goes way beyond one can imagine.

Vagabond and Healer, both the KDrama, involve conspiracies surrounding the government and big companies. Similarly, the main characters follow a revenge plot. On the way to achieving their goal, they meet pretty girls and start to fall for them. This KDrama has strong points all around and is a treasure to many fans. The plot and pacing were solid and never over-the-top. The most memorable thing, however, definitely has to be the acting and the OST.

The K2

13. The K2

“K2” or Kim Je Ha is a former soldier who suddenly gets accused of killing his girlfriend and turns into a fugitive while serving in Iraq. Somehow, he manages to get back to Korea and becomes a bodyguard for Choi Yoo Jin. Yoo Jin is the owner of a company and the wife of the presidential candidate, Jang Se Joon. Je Ha believes Se Joon’s political rival and the leader of the current ruling party in Korea is the man behind his girlfriend’s murder. To get revenge, he uses his new job to his advantage. As one of his tasks, he is supposed to protect the illegitimate daughter of Se Joon, Go An Na. However, they begin to gain feelings for each other. 

The KDrama follows their story as they maneuver around politics and romance at the same time. They have to explore their loyalties to one another and find peace. Vagabond has similar vibes to this KDrama. It can also get you excited in the first few episodes itself and will not disappoint your expectations.

Descendants of the Sun

12. Descendants of the Sun

This KDrama tells the story of a special forces captain and a doctor. Initially, they meet in unusual circumstances where the captain is instantly attracted to the doctor. After much deliberation, the doctor agrees to go out with him, and she slowly starts to fall for him as well. Due to differences in their careers, however, they decide it’s best to call it quits. But of course, it doesn’t end there. A few months later, both of them end up in a country with civil strife and disaster, and they fall in love once more while dealing with challenges.

This KDrama has lighter suspense compared to Vagabond but still has more than enough action. It’s not as similar to the show, but it’s a great one nonetheless. It’s a bit cheesy, but the chemistry between the leads makes up for it as you’ll find yourself rooting for their romance. The supporting characters were outstanding as well, and everything adds up to make for an enjoyable watch.

Class of Lies - kdrama similar to vagabond

11. Class of lies

Due to one of his cases, a highly successful lawyer falls from the corporate ladder. Now, to regain his lost honor, he’s enrolled as a temporary teacher in the high school connected to his former case. He initially taught the class with selfish reasons, seeking to gain new leads to winning his reputation back. However, once he sees the crimes occur, he wants to protect the victims on his own and save them.

The KDrama depicts teenagers’ consequences who face no repercussions after doing something wrong simply because they’re teenagers. As a result, the victims who fell prey to the crime receive no protection. Both the KDramas have action and a lot of mystery and suspense. Class of Lies is a style of drama that is quite different from what we’re used to watching. This KDrama will give you an unpredictable ride that’ll make shivers run down your spine as you watch the story unfold. From start to finish, it’s a show that you won’t be able to look away from. (https://picklelicious.com)

City Hunter

10. City Hunter

This KDrama follows Lee Yoon Sung, who possesses the secret identity of “City Hunter.” To take revenge for his father’s death, he targets politicians. Originally, he didn’t plan on falling in love with anyone, but it slowly changes as he works closely with Kim Na Na. Both the Kdrama, Vagabond and City Hunter are similar in terms of the conspiracies around politicians and the action. Both KDramas occur around the Blue House as well.

It is one of the fewest action KDramas that are well-made in South Korea. Leaving no room for slow moments, the show centers around friendship, love, revenge, and action. The intense events subsequently created intense cliffhangers that made it almost impossible not to watch the next episode. The acting department is off the charts as well as their chemistry oozes out. Lee Min Ho’s action sequences were pulled off pretty well, and the screenwriting keeps you on your toes.

Save me 2 - Kdrama similar to Vagabond

09. Save Me 2

Denizens of a rural village are aware that their municipality is scheduled to be flooded to free up construction of a new dam project. In light of this, they’ve trusted a church elder named Choi Gyung Seok, who promises that the flock will get relocated. Choi informs the villagers that to live together even after the town becomes submerged in water, they need to build new housing units and a church. However, he says that around 150,000 people can go to this heaven. If one wants to secure their spot, church offerings are also mandatory. 

A young minister who is said to have the ability to heal the sick is called Reverend Sung. He has approved of Choi’s plans, which make it even more credible. Things aren’t how they seem; however, Choi is a con man posing as a believer in a fake religion. His real scheme is to trick them in their compensation for resettlement. His plan might work if it wasn’t for Kim Min Chul, an outcast who discovers his true identity. Choi suddenly finds himself at the center of a form of resistance against the institution of the church.

Designated Survivor - 60 Days

08. Designated Survivor: 60 Days

Holding the position of Minister of Environment, Park Moo Jin is a former chemistry professor. He doesn’t have beliefs, ambition, or a political sense in his body. One day, while present at the President’s State of the Union address, an explosion occurs. This kills many high ranking government officers. Even the President wasn’t safe from this and died. Now, Moo Jin is the highest official left alive. Although he wants nothing to do with the position, he is forced to sit as president for two months.

During his tenure, he grows as a national leader while he chases after the explosion’s criminals. Both the KDramas have extremely different plots, but there is a common conspiracy factor in both. The bomb or crash affects higher authorities in both. As the MCs investigate the case, they unravel truths they’d never expected before. Along with this, they also have female leads who are agents.

Gu Family Book

07. Gu Family Book

Born as a hybrid between a human and a mythical creature, Choi Kang Chi goes through hardships to live an ordinary life. He is not able to become human, yet he tries his best to live like a human. His parents are Gu Wol Ryung, Jiri Mountain’s guardian spirit, and an ordinary human, Yoon Seo Hwa. Later, Kang Chi was adopted and raised by another family. As he grows up, he becomes filled with curiosity and develops an outgoing nature. One day, he realizes his true nature accidentally and starts to live a second life, almost.

During his struggle with identity, he meets Dam Yeo Wool, a prodigal martial art and archery student. The two slowly fall in love with each other. Yes, I know the story sounds completely different from Vagabond. However, Lee Seung Gi and Suzy are leading again in this KDrama, so if you liked watching the pair’s chemistry, you’re in good luck.

Mad Dog - Kdrama similar to vagabond

06. Mad Dog

Through diverse crimes related to insurance that are prevalent in South Korea, this KDrama depicts reality. There are plenty of ‘copy cats’ who imitate existing crimes while ‘mad dogs’ catch these cats.  A former policeman, Choi Kang Woo, is the leader of an investigators team for Taeyang Insurance. After an airplane crash claims his wife and son’s lives, he decides to create a team of his own. After this, he meets a genius swindler named Kim Min Joon, whose brother also died in the crash. This way, their cooperation and rivalry begin.

Vagabond and this KDrama have mysterious surrounding crashes, and the suspense present in both is similar. This KDrama will not serve things to you on a silver platter as it is loaded with heavy and technical terms. But, if you understand it, it’s truly a masterpiece. It starts slow as they focus on character introductions and their dilemmas. However, once the show picks up pace, it skyrockets with the real action coming out to play.

Two Weeks - Kdrama Similar to Vagabond

05. Two Weeks

Living a lonely life, Jang Tae San has no children, wife, parents, or siblings. He doesn’t have a love life or any money either. Basically, he lives almost an invisible life.  Suddenly, he learns about his alter ego as he finds himself being framed for a murder he didn’t commit. That day, his world changes considerably. The show follows a man who has just started to have a will to live life but has to fight and be on the run so he can get his life back.

Just like Vagabond, this is an amazing action, KDrama. Actor Lee Joon Gi gives one of his best performances in this drama. The characters are well-written, and so is the story and how it develops. They get their own background stories that include a lot of heartwarming moments. If you love action, this KDrama is a no-brainer. This is worthy of not just a watch, but a re-watch.

Giant - Kdrama

04. Giant

‘Giant’ portrays the story of siblings that grew up in the 70s. The three siblings were separated at a young age. Their mother died soon after their father, for he was getting involved in a smuggling scheme. Once they all reached adulthood, they reunite years later. Even after all these years, the three are persistent in getting revenge on the people responsible for their grief and misery. This KDrama has similar writing to that of Vagabond, so if you like one, you’ll like the other.

With an extraordinary ensemble and acting from the cast, what sets this show apart is the sharp writing and complex characters. I’d particularly like to comment on the child actors’ performances as they did such a great job. The musical score also did its best when setting the mood as it was powerful and emotional wherever it needed to be.

Lawless Attorney

03. Lawless Attorney 

Bong Sang Pil has always been the type to evade the law and solve situations using his fists. After his mom’s tragic death, he developed a strong will to avenger her death. Sang Pil decides to become a lawyer to deal with people who think they can go above and beyond the law due to their enormous power and wealth. Using his previous gangster life skills, Sang Pil uses his lawyer loopholes and his fists to gain an impeccable winning record.

Believing the law is sacred, Ha Jae Yi is a lawyer who truly fights for justice. However, when she hits a judge due to an unjust ruling, her license to practice law gets suspended. To continue to pay off her father’s debt, she ends up working for Sang Pil. They get involved with Cha Moon Sook, a powerful senior judge, and Ahn Oh Joo, a CEO of a corporation, over a case. Due to the case, they have to figure out a way to beat the most corrupt and powerful people in a cat and mouse game of their own.

Hello Monster

02. Hello Monster

Lee Hyun is a genius profiler who returns to Korea after establishing a career abroad. After triggering a memory he’d lost, he decides to work on a case in his country. Detective Cha Ji-an is part of his investigation team and has been doing a little digging of her own. She finds out that his father was murdered, and his brother has gone missing. The criminal involved in these cases is a man named Lee Joon Young. This is the very same man she wants to find and put into jail. The two soon realize that they’ve been pulled into a dangerous game. A master player is toying with them as they chase leads. The difference between evil and truth isn’t that prominent, as they’ll soon find out about the twisted discoveries.

Vagabond and this KDdrama have male leads who are trying to solve a mystery involving their loved ones. The leads don’t want to work together initially but slowly start to trust each other. With many mini antagonists, corruption runs rampant, and a group of outcasts is put together to stop the bad guys.

Iris - Kdrama Similar to Vagabond

01. Iris

Jin Sa Woo and Kim Hyun Joon are best friends brought into NSS, a top-secret organization, by two analysts. The analysts are Park Sang Hyun and Choi Seung Hee. Seung Hee profiles them initially, leading to Hyun Joo and Sa Woo falling in love with her. When Hyun Joon is given a solo mission based in Hungary, their lives changed forever. Now, Hyun Joon must figure out what IRIS is and find out who set him up.

Vagabond and Iris are well-made action shows. The plot is written well as there is a lot of KDrama and suspense with interesting cliffhangers. Throughout the action, a little romance is thrown in here and there. Although plenty of action KDramas is out there, this type is something the Korean industry hasn’t seen, and that’s why it’s so appealing. The bromance and conflicts between Hyun Joon and Sa Won are entertaining to watch. The chemistry between romantic leads was also great to see. In fact, the love triangle was much more different than how other KDamas normally show it.

It looks like you’re done with the list finally. So, tell us in the comments which one you are going to watch next. Also, if you have any recommendations for the list of KDrama similar to vagabond, do mention that too. We love hearing from you. Now, before you go, be sure to check out other interesting content we’ve had in store for you, like Best Websites to Watch Korean Drama with English Subtitles

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