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Updated on: 15/07/2021

Signal is one of those KDramas which can grasp you, shook you, and make you jump out of your chair with excitement, all at the same time. While there are a minimal number of shows that have the capability to do that, one keeps on looking. And especially those who have finished something like Signal and want something more in the same genre.

So, if you’re one such soul, then your search ends right here. The reason is that we have compiled a list of KDrama similar to Signal, which can help you diversify your watchlist. Also, if you like our recommendation, then do share it with your friends. Now, what are you still doing here? Start with the list already?

15+ KDrama Similar to Signal

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365 - repeat the year - KDrama similar to Signal

15. 365: Repeat the Year

This 2020 KDrama features a story of ten people whose fates get twisted. They get the opportunity to go into the past by one year, but unexpected and mysterious situations occur when their fates get changed. Both the KDramas are thrilling and mysterious. They have a method of changing the events of the future. In Signal, it’s through walkie talkie communications. While in this one, it’s by traveling one year into the past. Additionally, the main leads are detectives in both of these shows.

The story keeps you on your toes, and the ending will leave you itching for more. The acting is phenomenal, and the pacing and plot get better with each episode. This is a great recommendation for those who want mysteries with a complicated touch that’ll keep you guessing. This stunning show will get you immersed in the story easily. That’s the highlight of such a KDrama. Don’t miss out on this new release.

Missing noir M

14. Missing Noir M

Gil Soo Hyun is a prodigy that attended Harvard University at the age of 10. He decided to work at the FBI for 10 years after he graduated from there. Now, he works in South Korea as the leader of a police unit. The Special Missing Persons Unit deals with violent crimes in the 1% of special missing cases. Of course, Soo Hyun seems perfect, but he has a secret. Oh Dae Young, a detective, now joins the unit with his 20 years of experience. He is known as a master in missing person cases, as he has an obsession with following the law.

The signal is a thriller whereas this one has more elements of  KDrama, mystery, and suspense. It’s dark and well thought out murder cases will leave an impression on you. It’s quite realistic as well since there’s no supernatural element to it. Shade? Possibly.

Tell me what you saw - KDrama similar to Signal

13. Tell Me What You Saw

Oh, Hyun Jae’s fiancee falls victim to a serial killer that planned an explosion. After this, he lives in seclusion and shuts himself off from the world. However, before the tragedy occurred, he used to be an excellent profile with unsurpassed skills. He was even able to crack several cold cases with his intellect. Five years after his fiancee’s death, a new murder with the same serial killer method takes place. The team leader of the unit investigating the case meets a detective, Cha Soo Young, who has a photographic memory.

The team leader introduces the two to each other, and they work as a team to put the serial killer behind bars. The signal is definitely representative of the thriller genre amongst KDramas. This show gave off a similar vibe to the highly acclaimed KDrama Signal, and the first episode will definitely make you agree with me.


12. Confession

Choi Do-Hyun spent the majority of his childhood in a hospital due to heart disease. He gets a scarce chance to have a heart transplant. However, his father gets accused of murder after the transplant surgery goes successful. His father gets sentenced to the death penalty. Now, Choi Do Hyun works as a lawyer to investigate the case of his father’s supposed crime. Right from the bat, this KDrama will give you a feeling similar to that of Signal. The male leads are extremely similar concerning their personality and background.

If you enjoyed one, you’d enjoy the other. Most KDramas highlight the dynamics of power politics. But this one executes it perfectly without making it seem too over-the-top. The characters are unforgettable, and their actions will blow you away. It’s quite intriguing and makes viewers want to watch it all over again. With plenty of twists, there are barely any plot holes.

Let's Fight, Ghost - KDrama similar to Signal

11. Let’s Fight, Ghost/Phantom

Kim Woo Hyun graduated from high school and the police academy as the topper. He’s also the only son of a police officer who has high ranks in the field. He joins the cyber investigation unit after becoming a detective. There he finds himself stuck in an intense game of cat and mouse in the industry. Fighting with faceless enemies, he aims to bring down a hacker named Hades. After being exposed to what’s really happening, he attempts to reveal the secrets of those that hide in the cyber world.

The storyline develops in a manner that is quite unexpected. There are plenty of surprises and twists to keep you on the edge of your seat. The story is one-of-a-kind that will make you want to thank the writers for coming up with the plot. The cast definitely does a good job in their roles and do not disappoint whatsoever. The OSTs and instrumentals played throughout the KDrama are fantastic and add a great punch to the storytelling. If you’re a fan of Signal, then going for this  KDrama can be one of your best options.


10. Stranger

Due to undergo brain surgery when he was a child, Hwang Shi-Mok has a lack of emotions. In the present day, he works as a prosecutor. He is cold, rational, and but lonely. He’s also one of the few prosecutors who is not involved in corrupt practices. One day, he gets involved in a murder scene as he comes into contact with a dead boy when it gets thrown. At the crime scene, he meets Han Yeo-Jin, a Police Lieutenant. The pair work together to solve the serial killer case and eradicate the corruption of prosecutors.

Both KDramas, Stranger, and Signal have a great plot and are quite similar in nature. The show doesn’t dumb anything down for the viewers, so you have to make sure you pay attention throughout. If you miss an important detail, it’ll leave you confused with no explanation to hold your hand and take you through the various nuances. Everything progresses at such a smooth and natural pace that you won’t even notice the KDrama has reached its end.

Evil Minds - KDrama similar to Signal

09. Evil Minds

In the field of criminal psychology, Fang Mu is considered a genius in the city. To crack many bizarre murder cases, he decides to collaborate with Tai Wei-Lian, a police officer. The cases end up traumatizing him to the point that he becomes corrupt. He tries to trick himself and others into forgetting everything. However, his nightmare doesn’t end there. A series of mysterious murders retake place, and this time, Fang Mu is put in jail for them. Due to the devil’s provocation, he has no choice but to reopen old wounds. He faces inner guilt while competing with the devil.

Evil Minds is a hardcore crime centric show with a focus on the psychology aspect of it. It’s extremely underrated in comparison to the KDrama Signal. If you like unpredictable crime plots, then this KDrama is meant for you. You’ll enjoy every minute of it and end up finishing the series in one night. It will make you laugh, cry, and toy with your mind as well.

Pied Piper - KDrama similar to Signal

08. Pied Piper

A negotiation team specifically designed for police crisis try to solve cases while not using force or violence. They work on various cases and scenarios, ranging from attempted suicides to terrorist situations. They handle high-risk and volatile cases that put the lives of innocent people at risk. Each day they do their job, which is tense and dangerous. On the other hand, Son Hee Sung is a journalist who acts as a thorn in their side. She’s extremely aggressive and tries to report on their front-page-worthy cases.

Both KDramas has amazingly acted and captivating episodes. The beauty of the cinematography will leave you speechless at the end. The slow revelations that occur throughout keep you wanting for more. The directors did a good job with the show, and the music is absolutely appropriate for the crime KDrama. Add this underrated gem to your watchlist now!

Voice - Korean Drama

07. Voice

A renowned detective, Moo Jin-Hyuk, used to solve major cases. Now, he is ridden with guilt over the death of his wife. His life spirals out of control, and he beats himself up over the fact that he couldn’t protect her. Kang Kwon-Joo graduated from the police academy at the top of her class. She began her career by working in an emergency call center for 112 calls. During her tenure, a violent murder occurs where Jin-Hyuk’s wife and her father get shot while on duty. After this incident, she studies in the U.S. and returns to her country as a voice profiler.

The two work together to solve a case where they chase the criminal responsible for their loved ones’ deaths. Signal and Voice are crime KDramas that don’t focus on romance but the thriller plot. Although there are a lot of mainstream crime KDramas in the market, these two stand out the most. For Signal, the walkie-talkie gives it a unique selling point. In this one, the highlight is the female lead that can visualize sounds and use it to her advantage.

Nine - 9 Times Time Travel

06. Nine: 9 Times Time Travel

Reporter Min-Young works for the network CBM and is currently posted in Nepal. She’s covering an expedition team climbing the Annapurna Mountain. She hears that her senior reporter, Sun-Woo, is about to arrive in the country and goes to greet him at the airport. Out of nowhere, Min-Young gets kissed by Sun-Woo. Over the course of events that follow this, Sun-Woo gets 9 incense items. These items allow him to travel 20 years in the past. Using this opportunity, he attempts to protect his family from challenges to change his life in the present. However, this brings consequences to people in his present life as every action has a cost.

You’ll definitely love this KDrama if you liked Signal. The plot is full of emotions and twists. The show leaves you with a good meaning, and you’ll find yourself daydreaming about what will happen next. Even amongst all the nervousness, you’ll end up cracking up at the light-hearted jokes placed in the KDrama.

05. Special Affairs Team TEN

The criminal investigation team that handles the most violent and unspeakable crimes in South Korea is Special Affairs Team TEN. The crimes they tackle have a 10% arrest rate. These people chase infamous murderers who try to commit crimes with no detectable trace. The leader of the investigation unit is a former, renowned detective, Yeo Ji-Hoon. Another member of the team is Nam Ye-Ri, who’s been a detective for a few years. Due to her reasoning powers and psychological manipulation, she joins the team.

Baek Do-Sik has honed a keen sense of intuition over his 24 years of service as a detective. He also joins the unit. The newest addition is Park Min-Ho, a novice detective who somehow manages to impress Yeo Ji-Hoon and joins the unit with his reasoning abilities. If you liked the thrilling aspect of Signal, then this KDrama has gotta be your first choice. It’s full of mystery and murders. The team works to solve cases that are as hard as a puzzle keeps you on your toes. With veteran actors, the show’s cast gives an overall great performance.

Time Renegades - KDrama similar to Signal

04. Time Renegades

This 2016 KDrama features a music teacher, Ji-hwan, who comes into contact with a robber and becomes unconscious. This happens while he’s proposing to his girlfriend Yoon-Jung, in the year 1983. In 2015, on the same day, an aggressive detective named Gun-woo was taken to the hospital for a gunshot wound. Although 30 years apart, Ji-hwan and Gun-woo were taken to the same hospital on the same day at the same time. They also manage to survive situations that put on the brink of death. After the day at the hospital, they begin to have dreams of seeing each other’s lives.

Gun-woo discovers a record of Yoon-Jung’s murder from 30 years ago while investigating an unsolved case. Now, to prevent the death of Yoon-Jung, the two men work together. Thus begins their struggle to go beyond time and save her life. Both KDramas include people who can communicate through past and present. Along with this, they also try to use this method to save their loved ones.

Hello Monster

03. Hello Monster

After triggering a memory he thought he’d lost forever, Lee Hyun, a prodigal profiler, returns to Korea. Now, as he’s working on a new case, he’s part of a new investigation team. However, he’s unaware that one of his colleagues has been doing a little digging of her own to find out more about him. She discovers that a man called Lee Joon Young murdered his father, and his brother also disappeared under unknown circumstances. The colleague, Cha Ji-an, also wants to find this criminal and incarcerate him for her own reasons.

They seek to unravel the truth, but unbeknownst to them, they’ve caught themselves in a cat and mouse game. They soon realize that they’re entering dangerous territory where truth and evil are more intertwined than they initially thought. Like in the KDrama Signal, the mystery in this plot makes you question our society and the corruption, murder, and other such evils present in it.  In terms of genre, the storylines are a bit similar. However, the character development is done in a totally different manner. This KDrama is a must-watch and will not fail to satisfy you.

To get unstuck in time

02. To Get Unstuck In Time

Loosely inspired by the movie ‘Frequency’ released in 2000, the story follows a father and his son, Ho Tin Gwong. One day, he finds an old phone of his dad’s on a stormy day. When lightning strikes the house, he discovers that he can contact his dad from 20 years ago through the phone. The duo works together to solve murders and old cases in the present time and the 1980s. This KDrama is extremely similar to Signal. Too similar, almost. It seems the only difference is that they use a cell in this one instead of a walkie talkie.

The KDrama is exciting and enjoyable. The main focus of this KDrama is the amazing plot that almost overshadows the performances even. Despite this, the acting by the cast was exceptional and extremely believable. The well-paced plot is a refreshing concept that you might get addicted to.

01. Tunnel

Park Gwang-Ho, a detective, desperately tried to put a serial killer behind bars in 1986. To catch the criminal, he has to go through a tunnel. Once he reaches the end of the tunnel, he finds himself transported to the year 2017. Also, the serial killer continued the killings he did 30 years ago. Now, Detective Gwang-Ho works with a professor of criminal psychology and another detective to catch the monster.

The two KDramas give out very similar vibes. It’s like the writer thought, “why doesn’t the cop just come to the future himself instead of talking with a walkie talkie?”. The KDrama has a nice overarching story and keeps you engaged. If you’re a fan of crime KDramas, you’ll definitely like this one.  The bromance in the KDrama is endearing as well. The dynamics between characters are interesting to watch. The mystery is done well in the KDrama, and the time travel aspect gives it a unique aspect.

So, do you like our list of ‘KDrama Similar to Signal’? If yes, then share it with your friends and comment down below, which one of these mangas are going inside your watch list. Don’t forget to check out other interesting reads such as 15 Best Korean Drama With Non-Human Main Characters.

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