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Updated on: 23/11/2023

Some stories get stuck with you for life. Some seem so shallow on the surface but carry unbelievably deep meaning and bonds. One such story is Fairy tail. The anime revolves around a dragon slayer, Natsu Draganeel from the famous guild called Fairy Tail, in search of his mentor but finds a lifelong friend in the process. And a celestial key wielder named Lucy Heartfilia who decides to write her own destiny. After offering Natsu a meal, she gets invited to join her dream guild, where she meets amazing people who ultimately becomes a part of her family.

Fairy Tail is a tale of 4 very different people belonging to a legendary guild, who makes an extremely unconventional adventure group that is ready to even take hell on for each other. It’s a story of finding a home, and a family while on the journey of self-discovery and self-actualization, with an astonishing comedic undertone that will not only keep you on the edge of your seat but also give you a free ride of the roller coaster of emotions.

So, Here are 15 anime similar to Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is an amazing anime that can leave you wanting more. But like every good thing, this must also come to an end. So, here are a few anime series similar to Fairy Tail, that you can watch after it.

1. Eden’s Zero

similar to Fairy Tail

Similar to Fairy Tail, Eden’s Zero is also an anime adaptation of a shonen manga authored by Hiro Mashima. Although the series is based on the science fantasy genre instead of Magic-fantasy, there are several themes in Eden’s Zero that are similar to Fairy Tail. The series revolves around a boy named Shiki, who lives as the only human with many robots in the abandoned amusement park of Granbell Kingdom.

But not for long; soon he meets Rebbaca and her cat companion Happy with whom he starts a new adventurous journey across the universe. Not only there is an uncanny resemblance between the characters in the two series, and Happy is here too! If you enjoyed Fairy tail, this is a series you would most probably come to love too.

2. Hunter x Hunter

Similar to Fairy tail, Hunter x Hunter also revolves around the adventures of a friend group of four people possessing different powers and personalities who somehow work together seamlessly. Gon is a participant in the deadly Hunters Examination, who wants to become a hunter and find his father Ging, who himself was an exceptional hunter. There he meets Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio, 3 other contestants in the exam, and ends up forming a formidable friendship with them.

It’s their journey of clearing different levels of exams and reaching their goals while helping each other and having fun. Hunter x Hunter, similar to Fairy Tail is also an action shounen anime with lots of comedy and heartwarming moments, except it is a bit more darker and serious than fairy tail.

3. One Piece

If you think pirates are cool, then, this is a series that’s perfect for you. And if you don’t, then you should watch it even more. Not only is it similar to Fairy tail in character design, art style, and theme, it’s an epic series depicting a fabulous unconventional crew of pirates. A group of misfits that works well, like a well-oiled machine.

Luffy is a 17-year-old pirate breaking all the stereotypes of pirates, one can have. Luffy with his crew is on his way to find the covered legendary treasure called One piece. If you are looking for an anime similar to Fairy Tail, then this is an anime that you absolutely must try. (Clonazepam)

4. 07-Ghost

If there is one thing common about every friend, then it would probably be their desire to be with you during your hard time. Mikage left the chance to be reincarnated as a human and came back as a baby dragon so that Taito will not have to be alone for long, in a world that is intent on killing him. And when language has ever been a boundary when the bond is true.

Similar to Fairy Tail, it is also an action-adventure series with lots of comedic and heart-melting moments. The series revolves around a military runaway who takes shelter in a church and makes friend with 3 Ghosts that guards humanity. It’s a series that will get you attached to it in no time.

5. Black Clover

Similar to Fairy Tail, it is also set in a world structured around magic and magic users, who come together to form guilds. Asta and Yuno are two best friends, who have the same goal to become the strongest mage in the kingdom and acquire the title of the Wizard King. Just, Yuno is an exceptional magic wielder while Asta cannot use magic at all. However it all changes when at the age of 15 he receives a ‘Black Clover’ Grimoire, a rare grimoire of anti-magic that nullifies the opponent’s power. Now the two are on their way to reaching their lifelong dream.

A story, similar to Fairy Tail that teaches you the importance of friendship and never giving up. It’s also filled with badass characters who are ready to do anything for their friends and never give up, no matter what or who they are facing.

6. Rave Master

Rave Master is another anime by Hiro Mashima. Similar to Fairy Tail, it’s a story filled with action, adventure, comedy, and love-hate bickering. Haru Glory is a 16-year-old teenager whose life changes when he finds a weird creature with a cone for the nose called Plue. After meeting Plue’s master Shiba, he becomes the owner of the power of Rave Stone that Shiba previously possessed.

Now, he has to find the remaining 4 rave stones to defeat Sinclair, the mother of all dark brings. On his quest for the stones, he meets Ellie, and Musica, who joins him on his journey. If you enjoyed the dynamic between Natsu, Lucy, and Gray, then you will enjoy the heartfelt banter among Haru, Ellie, and Musica. Similar to Fairy Tail, it’s a fun series to enjoy to refresh your mood.

7. Naruto

Naruto similar to Fairy Tail is another shounen anime with engaging action sequences and a heartwarming story with just the right amount of comedy. Both the stories are based on characters with ‘I’ll do anything to protect my friend’ written on their hearts in capital letters and underlined. Naruto is a young ninja who holds a nine-tailed fox within him since it was trapped inside his body by his father, the head of the village when he was a newborn. Even though he is shunned by most of the villagers, he doesn’t abandon his dream to become the Hokage of his village.

On his journey, he makes many good friends who are ready to stand with him no matter what. If you enjoyed the tomfoolery, passion, and loyalty in fairy Tail then you are gonna love Naruto as well.

8. Law of Ueki

An ability to grow trees out of nowhere, sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Especially in the present time, it would be a blessing and quite fascinating really. Ueki, a teenager acquires the ability to grow trees from trash and decides to use it for the good of others, unlike many others. Law of Ueki, similar to Fairy Tail, also orbits around the theme of friendship, teamwork, and magic powers.

After receiving his power in the tournament of God’s, Ueki now has to participate in 100 fighters’ battle. But after meeting people with stronger powers than himself, Ueki realizes his journey for justice is not as easy. Similar to Fairy Tail, Law of Ueki also has a lot of action, comedy, amazing characters, and a good storyline, that will get you hooked up to it in no time.

9. Ao No Exorcist

The series is as curious as its name is. Blue Exorcist similar to Fairy Tail is also a series with strong, amazing, adorable, and crazy characters that are gonna make you fall in love with them in no time. The story is about the son of Satan, Rin Okumura, who was left on earth with the sole purpose of being used as a vessel for him. But Rin is unaware of this fact. Although it changes when his adoptive father is killed by Satan in front of his very own eyes.

Rin, along with his brother Yukio decides to become an exorcist to defeat the Demon King and protect each other. Similar to Fairy Tail, Blue exorcist is full of epic action, suspense, and a heap load of hilarious moments. It’s a cool anime to spend your evening with.

10. Seven Deadly sins

similar to Fairy Tail

It’s a story of a group of misfits that spend more time fighting each other than they do fighting their enemies. It has a world-building and anime style similar to Fairy Tail. The story revolves around Princess Elizabeth who’s on a journey to find the fearsome exiled group of Holy Knights called the Seven Deadly Sins.

After the King’s Holy Knights imprison the king and the princess, after being corrupted by demonic power, the Kingdom of Liones is thrown into chaos. Their only hope is a team of criminals that tried to overthrow the kingdom 10 years ago. But it’s not as easy to find them as Elizabeth thought. Similar to Fairy Tail, it’s a fun action series, with hilarious characters and their shenanigans and plain stupidity, that will make you wonder in which fight did they damage their head this badly.

11. Tears to Tiara

Stereotypes are usually negative opinions or things associated with a certain group. And one such stereotype is that the demon king is an ugly malevolent being who loves bloodshed and destruction. For Arthur, this stereotype is broken when he saves his sister Riannon, the priestess of the Gael tribe after she is kidnapped and offered as a living sacrifice by the Empire to the demon king Arawn.

Arawn, hiding his true identity pledges his loyalty to Riannon and joins Arthur and the team on their journey to fight against the Empire. Similar to Fairy Tail, this series is also packed with action, suspense, and teamwork, but the comic elements in this series are a bit lower.

12. Tales of Abyss

Not only the series is similar to Fairy Tail in the sense of its individualism in teamwork, with fantasy elements, but it also has fabulous world-building, memorable characters, and an engaging storyline. Luke von Fabre, a Noble who has been confined by his uncle, the King of Kimlasca, in his manor since he was kidnapped as a child. One day unexpectedly, he gets a chance for freedom when he is transported to a faraway land while trying to stop Tear Grants from assassinating his friend and swordmaster, Van.

But unknown to him, it’s only the start of a long journey that might claim his life. If you enjoy a series with a philosophical and political subspecies similar to Fairy Tail, then, you are going to just love this one.

13. Divine Gates

Although Divine gate is not set in a historical era or has a plot line similar to Fairy Tail. You still will not be able to deny the similarities between the two. Similar to Fairy Tail, it also revolves around a team of teenagers with different powers and different personalities, who bicker more often than not.

Living in a world united by the Divine Gate, Aoto is an Adapter with exceptional water powers. After rejecting the offer to join the World Council Academy several times, Aoto is at last corned and convinced by Midori, an enthusiastic wind magic user, and Akane, a fire magic user. Now along with Midori and Akane, and with the help of the World Council and its leader Aurther, Aoto is on his way to find the Divine Gate and seek the truth behind the merging of the three worlds.

14. Bleach

A world for someone who could see spirits must be different. But is it dangerous? For Ichigo Kurusaki, it’s not. Not until one day his family is attacked by a vengeful spirit called hollow. And that is when he comes to know that not only there are spirits but also people called Shinigami, who fight these hollows and guide the spirits to the soul society. By the end of the incident, he ends you becoming a Shinigami himself.

But in this new world, he is not alone. He is soon joined by his friends and classmate, Ishida, Inoue, and Sado. It’s a challenge to maintain a balance between the world, all the while trying to balance his Shinigami life and his normal life, but nothing is impossible if you have your friends with you. Similar to Fairy Tail, Bleach is also action-packed and constant comedy and unique characters.

15. Magi

Did you enjoy Arabian Nights? If yes, then you sure will like this series. Inspired by Arabian Nights and set in a world similar to Fairy Tail, of fantasy filled with magic, monsters, and swords. Ali Baba is a teenager who lives in a fantasy world where a few years back, some mysterious tower called Dungeons appeared. And the person who can conquer a dungeon acquires the power of a mystical creature called Djinn.

One day he meets a mysterious young man named Alladin, who carries a flute with supernatural powers and with a goal to conquer a dungeon, the two decides to travel together toward the nearest one. Similar to Fairy Tail, Magi is also centered around the concept of loyalty and friendship. With its beautiful art style and entertaining storyline, it’s gonna get you hooked to it in no time.

So, here are some shounen anime similar to Fairy Tail revolving around the theme of friendship, found family, loyalty, passion, and teamwork, filled with action and comedy. These are the series that are gonna have you rolling on the floor in every episode, no matter how serious the fight might be. Hope you have a fun time watching the series. Do share with us which of the anime from the above list you enjoyed the most.

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