10 Tips For Time Management : How To Manage Time

Time doesn’t stop for anyone. You have to be quick on your feet, and tackle your objectives at the right time. Nowadays, it has happened so, that the amount of work a person has to complete has increased. As a result, in a day, he has to properly manage his time for work as well as daily activities. If he does not, then it becomes detrimental in some of the other aspect. Like my previous thread about stress management, here are 10 tips for time management.

I have a hard time managing time. This is mostly because my phone easily distracts me, so I waste a lot of time on it. 😅 But I realise that this will eventually cause me trouble, so it became necessary for me to manage time properly. It is in fact quit simply to manage your time properly, only, it requires a lot of dedication from you. So keep yourself dedicated to managing your time, and you will soon find out it is a lot easier than it seems.

10 Tips For Time Management : Manage Time Properly

What Is Time Management?

Time management is the process of being able to sort out your work and prioritize it efficiently to make the most of your time. Managing time does not mean including some tasks and secluding others. It means completing all your tasks in your allowed time properly. Like the caption says, it is “Working smart, not working hard.” This proves to be a good motto in almost every situation. So here, I am going to show you how to manage time smartly.

1. Systematic Handling

List it down, plan it out!

– Sort out your work

A very recurring tip in almost every self help article. But, it is just as important. Always, if you sort out your work, it becomes easier to finish it out without any hassle. Sort them into two piles : Important and Unimportant.

– List them down

Then, once you have sorted them into two types, sort them amongst themselves. List them down according to the amount of time they may utilize. Which ones require more time and efforts? You should finish them off first.

– Determining Time

This point is related to thw previous one. How much time do ‘your’ require at an average? Consider the amount of breaks you take, any sudden scenarios and determine the sun total of your consumed time.

– Deadlines

Another thing you can do, is listing down the deadlines. Tasks may be easy or hard, but deadlines determine which should be done first. Finish off the ones which need to be done quickly, behaviors in the next week. In this way, you can plan out a time schedule.

2. Cut It Off!

Keep time limits for your tasks.

Like in the previous article about stress management, this point applies the same way. Cut it down!

– Basing it on the level of completion

Finish off your tasks based on their difficulty, deadlines and importance. Those tasks which you have to finish in a week should have more importance than a task which has a month’s time to complete. Moreover, prepare a bit in advance for those tasks which might cause trouble later. You can do this if both the tasks are of similar nature. I’ll explain this in a bit.

– Time Limits

For every task you do, set a time limit. This time limit should be based on your capacity to finish the task in one go. For example, if it takes you about 30 minutes to write a report without procrastinating, stick to it. Try to finish the task in those 30 minutes without ever so excusing yourself. Trust me, you will benefit later. Always finish the task at hand before moving to others.

– Scheduling and Organizing

Once the tasks are filtered properly, set to work. Some people find it hard to remember their tasks ( me ), so I helps to mark it on a calendar or create a schedule and paste it somewhere where you will notice. I suggest sticking to it as much as possible. Always leave room in your schedule for uncalled situations.


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3. A Little Bit Of Dedication

Be assertive and say no.

– Be assertive

When I mean dedication, I mean a lot. Working beyond your capacity will harm you and will get you nowhere. So it is best to say NO when some tasks are not doable. The less the unimportant tasks the better.

– Say No ( To Procrastination )

Procrastination is our greatest enemy when it comes to time management. Sometimes it is very hard to avoid it, but there should be some amount of dedication from our side. Otherwise, all of this is in vain. Thus, learn to avoid procrastination and genuinely complete your tasks so that you can relax as much as you want later. Procrastinate all you want then.

– Start Early, Finish Early

This is something you should go by. Always start your tasks at the earliest so that you can finish them off ahead of schedule. The minute you get it, prepare for it. You have an assignment in Feb you want to complete before March? Prepare for it.

4. Focus!

Like this lens, focus on the important things.

Most people find it hard to focus on a task due to various distractions. However, one of the important factors of time management is being able to focus. And that is, being able to focus despite various distractions. This is something beneficial to learn, it is of use in the various walks of life.

– Ridding Yourself Of Distractions

Phones, tablets, electronics in general are highly distractive. Thus, it is best to avoid them for the time graduation of completing your task. What I used to do, was put it all in a locker till I finished my exams, then I took them out once I was done. Eventually, I decided to build up my concentration by keeping it near me. You can try to switch it off and complete the task at hand; only using it unless absolutely necessary.

5. Concentration Activities

The Candle Exercise is one of the best methods to improve your concentration.

Proper concentration equals to better functioning during completion of tasks. Thus, it is essential to improve your concentration activities through puzzles, crowds or such in your past time. Ask yourself, what helps you focus? If it is effective, use it. As long ad it is not harmful, it is always the best option.

– The Candle Exercise

Have you heard of this exercise? It helps to imptove your concentration. My grandparents taught me this when I was young. Light up a candle a few feet away from you and then sit facing towards it. Keep your eyes on the fallen and focus on it. As long as possible, try to concemtrate on it. Soon enough, you will be unaware of everything else, but the flame. Lets see how attentive you are. 😉

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6. Systematic Work Methods

Taking breaks is just as important. However, these breaks should have a limited time.

The more systematic and organized you are, the better. If you are clearly about what tasks you have to do, and in which order and method, then it becomes fairly simple to manage time easily.

– Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Is it possible for you to complete two tasks in one trip? Suppose you have to buy eggs and then some slippers. If both the shops are on the same route, you are more likely to complete them in one trip. It would be more time consuming to do so rather than coming back to buy slippers a second time. Thus, similarly, we if you can complete two or more tasks in one trip to conservative your time.

– 45 minutes 15 minutes pattern

Another way you can help manage time is using this method. Say you are working for 45 minutes, then schedule a break of 15 minutes. For every extra minute you waste, add 10 more minutes to those 45 minutes.  Continue to do so till you stick to the original 45-15 minutes pattern.

– Time Buffering

One big mistake people make, is working every second of their life and only leaving time for food and sleep. This is wrong. Our human body has a specific limit to which it can work, so it is important to buffer your time. Always take short breaks of 15 minutes to rest your brain and destress it.

7. Keep Yourself Healthy

Goof Food, Good Life.

Health is of utmost importance in any form of guide. Be it stress, time or anger, all require a good body and thus, a good mind to complete. So eat healthy, sleep healthy work healthy.

– Refreshing drinks

You can try out freshly squeezed juices such as orange, watermelon or lime. Its sugar content helps to energize your body. However, avoid excessively sugary food items.

– No Caffeine, No Tanine

Caffeine in coffee and Tanine in tea are both reasons of alleviating stress and this disrupting you sleep and time schedules. Try to avoid drinking more than one cup each day. Eat fruits instead, they help just as much. Or drink water, it is the best beverage you can go for!

– Sleep

Whatever your time schedule. you must have at least a slot of 8 hours for good sleep. A well rested being is more likely to be able to stick to his schedule than a sleepy one. Sweet dreams, people.

8. Exercise Your Time 😉

Cycling is a relaxing yet effective exercise.

I mean exercise to help your time. 😂 When you exercise, your energy levels rise. As a result, your productivity levels rise just as well, helping you to manage time efficiently! This is one good way of using up your break time. Instead of spending your time on the couch in front of your TV, you could energize yourself with some light exercises. To example, you could try cycling, stretching, yoga, breathing exercises, and so much more. It will also help you to overcome your New Years Resolution! 😂

9. Waste Your Weekends ( On Work )

It is a little sacrifice for something good.

Yes, weekends are for relaxation, I agree just as much, but not all 24-48 hours of you weekend go in relaxation. Devpte a bit of your weekend time in preparing, if not completing your task. If you nip it in the bud now, you could spend enough time enjoying later, please trust me on this. This also helps you to keep yourself in the loop. To give you an example, if I were an artist, I could spend my weekend trying to recreate come artworks. As a result, it would help me practice and perhaps complete some assignment. Pew Pew!

10. Always Enjoy The Task At Hand

You do better what you love and thoroughly enjoy.

Once applicable, always applicable. When a person truly enjoys doing their work or task, that is the only time they can do it better and faster than anyone. Wouldn’t you finish going the work you enjoy more properly than doing something you hated? Of course, you would try to complete your hted task in a haphazard manner. So, keep in mind, that no matter what, love your task from your heart. It will help you in the years to come.

Thus, in a nutshell, time management includes :

  • Systematic Handling 
  • Cutting It off
  • Dedication 
  • Focus
  • Concentration
  • Systematic Schedules
  • Proper Health
  • Proper Exercise
  • Lastly, Enjoying Your Work

Time management is a skill, an art that every person is born with. You just have to understand how to make use of it. Eventually, I am sure we all will be able to do so. I hope this article was of use to you. If not, please leave some suggestions below.

Don’t be busy. 

Be Productive. 


1. How good is your time management?

2. What is the amount of time that it takes you to complete your task?

3. Can you suggest your own ways to manage time properly? Perhaps you have your own 10 tips for time management as well! 😂

4. Lastly, what is your take on time management? What do you make it out to be?

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  1. 1. How good is your time management?
    – I can say that it is at least good. I have a habit of planning things that I should do in a day. Important things come first.

    2. What is the amount of time that it takes you to complete your task?
    – Depends on how heavy the task is. If I know that the task is easy then it will only take me like minutes to do so.

    3. Can you suggest your own ways to manage time properly? Perhaps you have your own 10 tips for time management as well!
    – Well, you already pointed out most of it. But maybe just have the right attitude on time management.

  2. 1. How good is your time management?

    Oh,this is a tricky question,whenever I think about my time management I always have the myriad of the deluded thought that is near perfection,but in reality,all that is near perfect is my time management when it comes to wasting time.
    I function based on commitment,if I commit onto something then I am sure to follow through with all its processes,protocols,coring the ways of the systems,finding multiple
    ways of diversification that live under it.
    If I can have all that,then I would say with certainty that my time management can be impeccable,but my time management is fragile,wicked and has a soft shell that I like to call:
    “Not knowing what to prioritize”.
    Bah,I get stressed just thinking about all the consequences and not worthies each future action yet the commitment only grows weaker with each doubt in mind influencing the present that will decide my future work,making me,undoubtedly fail.
    One thing that I have come to notice is,if I have such stress due to my alter ego not knowing what to decide on,is,that having people around you that have passed under you situations in the past and have an superior intellect will help you clear your doubts and increase the way you work and manage your time.
    ‘Cause the thing is,if you have people that you want to take an example of,the desire of wanting to be in their place will grow within you and that alone will give you the drive to improve,giving you the certain of the steps to follow,making your time management more accurate and reliable.
    So to answer your question,if my time management is good,it is very dependent from the words I said above,if I can have people who are experts or simply above average at the area that I am about to enter helping me,in either an direct/indirect way,then yes,my time management comes and reigns superior,but if all that isn’t present,the mutual understanding and whatnot,then I feel all but futile,even though,something called experience always veils me from falling into such thoughts,giving me undivided certainty to manage my time.

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