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Updated on: 01/09/2023

Spy x Family

Spies and secrets go together like tea and cake, don’t they? And isn’t it more interesting when the Spy, who thinks he is the one keeping secrets, is the one in the family with the least? So what kind of family even is this? (klonopin online) This, in short, is the story of Spy x Family. Loid Forger, also known as Twilight, is the Master Spy of Westallis, whose job is to prevent a war from being ignited with his neighboring country, Ostania. For this, he has to go live in Ostania and investigate Donovan Dasmond, an ostanian politician, by infiltrating his son’s School.

Well, how hard could that be, right? It can be, if to do so, you have to get married, adopt a child and start a family; what’s more, in just a few days. But like every other job, Loid completes it with flying colors as well.

Spy x Family

Loid builds up a family from scratch. He adopts an orphan, Anya, to act as his daughter, who might soon become a student in the aimed school. And Yor Briar, an absent-minded office worker looking for a pretend partner to impress her friends, to be his wife. But Loyd doesn’t know that Yor is an Ostanian Assassin known as the Thorn Princess and Anya is an Esper, a product of secret experiments with the ability to read minds. So, this is how the adventure of the Forger family starts with action, comedy, mystery, lies, and warm-hearted moments as their daily elements.

Spy x Family

Spy x Family is an anime adaptation of a Japanese manga with the same name, authored and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. The series gathered so much enthusiasm and Fan support that it is now adopted into anime by Wit Studio and CloverWorks to start premiering in April 2022. With the anime just starting, there is a lot of waiting to be done. Spy x Family has a unique plotline, therefore, not many anime is quite like it but here is a list of anime series similar in all or some genres to Spy x Family.

Here are 10 Anime Series Similar to Spy x Family

1. Beelzebub

Beelzebub is similar to Spy x Family in some regards. Although, unlike Spy x Family, Beelzebub doesn’t deal with spies or spying it does have envoys from another kingdom gathering information while hiding under a secret identity. Similar to Spy x Family, it also has elements of action, comedy, mystery, and adopted children.

The plot of this series revolves around the heir of the Demon Lord, who to take over the human realm, comes down to earth to observe and gather information about it. The only problem is that he is still a baby. That is why he has to live with a human who can protect and support him while working as a barrier to his uncontrollable powers. Tatsumi Oga, finds himself to be the reluctant caretaker of the baby Beel until he proves to be strong even to be worthy of being the next Demon Lord of his realm.

Unable to tell the truth to anyone, Oga has to pretend to be family with a demon baby and his rouge nanny. Beelzebub is a fabulous mix of action, adventure, humor, and cuteness. If you like the unique plot of Spy x Family, then Beelzebub will keep you entertained.

2. Somali and the Forest Spirit

An anime series that is not only good to look at with a pivotal world-building but also beautifully heartwarming with endearing characters. Similar to Spy x Family, the story of Somali and The Forest spirits also features a child who has to suffer the perverted nature of the world on their own; but then suddenly finds an unexpected family in a stranger.

In a world ruled by all kinds of supernatural, humans are executed to near extinction. That is why it is so surprising when a forest spirit finds a small human child hiding in the trunk of his forest. Being the kind soul that he is, Golem decides to reunite the child with humans and starts on the journey. The two develop a strong father-daughter bond while trying to find other humans and hide from the nonhumans.
Just like Anya from Spy x Family, Somali also wishes for the journey to last forever. Somali’s innocence and mischief will keep you entertained while you wait for all the episodes of Spy x Family to be released.

3. Aishiteruze Baby

Aisheteruze Baby is the story of a five-year-old child and a high school playboy. Yuzuyu’s life changes one day when her mother suddenly leaves her at his sister’s house without telling anyone any concrete reason. Katakura Kippei, Yuzuyu’s cousin, is entrusted with her day-to-day caretaking. Kippei, who doesn’t even know how to spell responsibility, is tasked with the well-being of a five-year-old child.

Anyone can guess how it is going to end. But with the help of Kokoro, Kippei’s soon-to-be girlfriend, Kippei is trying to do his best while continuing his playboy lifestyle. The three of them form a make-shift family and do their best to give Yuzuyu all the love and affection she needs.

Yuzuyu reminds you a lot of Anya from Spy x Family. A child who deserves nothing but love and protection is unexpectedly abandoned but still very understanding of others’ feelings around them. Something that even adults fail to do at times. Aishiteruze Baby is a heartwarming story similar to Spy x Family, of an unexpected but loving makeshift family.

4. Night Raid 1931

Spy x Family

Night Raid 1931 is an anime revolving around a secret intelligence agency, spies, and extraordinary talented individuals. Similar to Spy x Family the purpose of the spies in Night Raid is also to protect their country and avoid the impending war while going to any length to complete their missions. It is a historical anime series set in 1931 Shanghai.

Night Raid is a team of supernatural spies and assassins gifted with different paranormal abilities. The members of this team form of clairvoyants, telepaths, and espers, intending to uncover the evil plans and stop them from happening.
A story of a team of gifted individuals gathered together to stop the evil forces from spreading their clutches and starting World war IInd. if you liked the spy, assassin, and action aspect of Spy x Family then Night Raid 1931 is just for you.

5. Alice to Zouroku

Alice to Zouroku is another anime like Spy x Family, revolving around science, trust, and survival. Sana, like Anya, possesses an extraordinary power called Alice’s Dream, which lets her create anything out of her imagination. Tired of her life in a laboratory as a test subject, she decides to run away.

In her escapade, she meets an old stubborn florist named Zouroku, in a convenience store. Who is roped into Sana’s life when her capturers try to take her back in front of him. He not only saves her from them but also provides a safe place to stay. She very soon becomes an integral and inseparable part of his family.
Just like Anya from Spy x Family, Sana was also part of an experiment that gave her extraordinary powers. She also finds family in a completely unexpected way. Alice to Zouroku is an amazing anime series that will not only warm your heart but also keep you on the edge of your seat.

6. Kure-nai

Kure-nai is another anime like Spy x Family. Although it does not deal with spies or secret agencies, it does deal with political mediation and mysterious circumstances revolving around a child. Shinkurou Kurenai, a 16 year old easy looking highschooler is actually a famous dispute mediator by night working for his agent Benika Juzawa. Kurenai’s life suddenly changes when he is assigned the job of caretaker of a seven-year-old Murasaki Kuhouin.

Murasaki is the daughter of a plutocratic family who ran away under mysterious circumstances. This seemingly easy-going and unimposing student is actually proficient in martial arts and possesses an unknown power making him the best candidate for Murasaki’s Bodyguard. Although Murasaki and the circumstances surrounding her are still unclear, Kurenai promises to protect her, even though the threat is still unknown.
Similar to Spy x Family, Kyura-nai deals with several genres like action, mystery, guardian-child relationship, humor, and political background. If you liked Spy x Family, you might try giving it a go, who knows you might come to like it as well.

7. If it’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord

If it’s for My Daughter is a sweet heartwarming story of a father-daughter duo that crosses the boundary of race and kind. An eighteen-year-old traveler who hunts beasts for a living adopts a demon child. Similar to Loid from Spy x Family, also comes to enjoy the unexpected parenthood and gets attached to his adoptive daughter.

The anime starts with Dale, a kind-hearted, skilled, and well-respected traveler meeting Latina, a young demon child in the middle of the forest; while he’s out hunting for magical beasts. He is surprised to see such a young child alone in the middle of the forest. But what is even more surprising is that she bears the mark of being a devil’s criminal. Concerned for her safety, he decides to bring her home with him and eventually adopts her.

Latina is an adorable, innocent, and compassionate child who has Dale and everyone near her wrapped around her tiny fingers pretty soon. The series goes on to tell the story of the mundane everyday life of Dale and his adopted daughter Latina, and the mystery revolving around her broken horn. If you loved the father-daughter bond between Loid and Anya in Spy x Family, then you sure are going to love the simple and sweet bond between Dale and Latina.

8. Hinamtsuri

Were you fascinated with the psychic power of Anya in Spy x Family? Then, you are going to be in awe of the powers possessed by Hina in Hinamatsuri. Although at first glance nothing much might seem similar to Spy x Family in it, as you go on watching the bond between Hina and Nitta, you will soon realize the glazing similarities between the two. Nitta Yoshifumi is a member of the Yakuza, whose life one day is rudely interrupted when a weird capsule falls on his head out of nowhere. What’s more strange is that it contains a blue-haired girl with telekinetic power, who introduces herself as Hina.

She forces her to take her in with him by using her powers, and this is how Nitto’s simple and lazy life is suddenly turned upside down. Although Nitto’s life as Hina’s unwilling caretaker starts as shaky, they soon develop a caring and humourous bond among them. They continue helping each other while trying to stay away from the other at the same time.

The whole series is quite adorable and hilarious, full of action and stupid shenanigans of the duo. If you enjoyed the dynamics between Anya and Loid in Spy x Family, then you will love the antics of Hina and Nitto in Hinamatsuri.

9. Bunny Drop

Bunny Drop is a simple sweet slice of life with many touching moments. It is similar to Spy x Family when it comes to the father-daughter bond between the characters. Daikichi’s struggle of taking care of a child without knowing anything about child care is hilariously adorable; it’ll remind you of Loid’s hardships. Although Loid has him pretend wife Yor to help in the endeavor, Daikichi is alone.

On the day of his grandfather’s funeral, Daikichi a 30-year-old bachelor meets his grandfather’s illegitimate 6-years-old daughter, Rin. When all of his relatives treat Rin as an embarrassment and refuse to take care of her, Daikichi decides to take her in. And thus, their journey as a father-daughter duo starts. Even though he has no prior experience in childcare, with his affection and patience he does his best to keep her happy and healthy.
If you enjoyed the family bond in Spy x Family, then Bunny drop is a great anime for you to enjoy after your busy day, it’s going to put a smile right on your face.

10. Tesla Note

Tesla note is another anime series revolving around spies, secret organizations, and their mission to save the world from undergoing probable destruction. So, you can already see how it is similar to Spy x Family. It is a fast-going action-packed series that will keep you going, wanting for more.

The plot of the anime revolves around Negoro, who has been trained from childhood to become the best intelligence agent. Now, she is a part of Mission T, along with another agent Kuruma. The purpose of Mission T is to recover the Shards of Tesla, a genius invention by Nikola Tesla which could very well destroy the whole world. There are many villains set on gathering these shards as well and assembling them into Tesla crystal and using it as a weapon of destruction. This is an anime that will keep you on edge, waiting for what comes next. If you enjoyed watching Spy x Family, then you are going to love this one.

So, these are some fabulous anime series similar to Spy x Family. Animes in the above list revolve around the genre of action, mystery, comedy, and parent-child relationship as Spy x Family does. There are a few that are simply heartwarming and easygoing, then there are some that are action-packed, and some that are a combination of both. You can simply pick one and ease up on your favorite couch to enjoy the evening. Have you watched any of the anime series listed above? If yes, then how did you like it? Which one are you going to pick next? Comment below and share with us. And follow our Instagram for more fun anime content thebiemofficial

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