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Updated on: 01/09/2022

Love O2O is the most famous and successful Chinese drama of 2016. It gains popularity not only in China but overseas too. The drama is based on the novel of the same name written by Gu Man and starring some of the most in-demand cast, Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang. Over the 30 episodes of Love O2O, the collaboration of gaming and love are perfectly displayed, keeping the plot consistently interesting.

Xiao Nai is a 4th-year computer science student at university and is the president of a gaming company. He is a gaming expert who happens to have equal talent in academics and other sports as well. When this most popular student on campus came across the department beauty and gamer Bei Wei Wei, he falls for her gaming skills. Later, when Bei Wei Wei was dumped in a role-playing game by her online husband, the rank number 1 player approaches her and offers to become her partner. She agreed and the newly formed couple, and were hitting it off in the game. But little did she know that her online husband is her senior Xiao Nai, who is taking this opportunity to win her heart online as well as in real life.

This series is full of fluffs, and if you are searching for the Chinese dramas similar to Love O2O, then the first thing you must be searching for is a story full of fluffy romance and comedy. However, we have kept the other elements of the drama as well and prepared the following list accordingly. So without further ado, we shall start the list of 10+ Chinese dramas like Love O2O.

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Chinese dramas similar to Love O2O

Beyond Light Years - Chinese dramas like Love O2O

11. Beyond Light Years

Storyline: Beyond Light Years is a story that revolves around a group of college students in real life and the gaming world like Love O2O. College newcomer Xia Xiao Ci is an adorable girl with a bright personality. She comes from a loving family and has a cheerful outlook. On the other hand, Lu Yu Chen is an IT major at the same University.

The boy has a high IQ and the ability to solve all sorts of problems through analytics. Although he is a famous and helpful person, he has a cold and reserved type of personality. On the first day of her college, Xia Xiao Ci crosses paths with Lu Yu Chen, which was not very pleasant and led to misunderstanding. Later, even their first meeting was not friendly, Lu Yu Chen slowly finds comfort in Xiao Ci’s presence, and they both work hard to reach for their dreams.

Similarity: Xia Xiao Ci’s character is similar to Bei Wei Wei. Lu Yu Chen is a computer genius like Xiao Nai. The two dramas have the concept of e-game in it, portraying youth university life. These points make Beyond Light Years Chinese dramas like Love O2O.

To Get Her

10. To Get Her

Storyline: Here is another drama, where an online game plays as a significant backdrop. The story starts with a famous idol getting trapped inside a video game. Tu Si Yi and Lin Zheng Zheng were initially a happy couple and knew each other since they were young. On debuting as an idol, Tu Si Yi’s fame made the couple apart. After this, Tu Si Yi started endorsing a game in which he gets trapped only to become the protagonist of the plot. Lin Zheng Zheng tries to finds various ways to bring him back and enters the game as a player.

There in the game, he becomes the 3rd prince who only cares about music, and his girlfriend becomes the 3rd princess who sets the mission to help him in winning the throne. But the problem is that Tu Si Yi has no memory of his past and thinks of Lin Zheng Zheng as his biggest enemy. With only the three lives allotted in the game, Lin Zheng Zheng must assist Tu Si Yi in becoming king.

Similarity: Online-game play a major role in getting the two lovers together. The male lead is as popular as the male lead of Love O2O. It showcases love, friendship, and youth sincerely. With a different storyline, the series has many aspects that are very similar to Love O2O. Hence it is a show that has to be on the list of Chinese dramas like Love O2O.

Well Intended Love

09. Well Intended Love

Storyline: Well-intended love is a cute and adorable drama, with few twists in it. The chemistry and screenplay between the leads are good and keeps you engaged with the series. The story is of a third-rate actress Xia Lin, who found out that she has leukemia. She becomes entangled with CEO Ling Yi Zhou because she needs him for the treatment. To help her with the treatment, Ling Yi Zhou asked her to marry him. After this, they both come into a secret of a contract marriage. Despite the conspiracies and misunderstandings they encounter, the two started falling in love with each other.

Similarity: Both the drama leads are like the characters of Love O2O. On the one hand, male leads are strong and pull the female leads in their flow. On the other hand, female points are strong-mind and practical thinking ladies. There are two couples to watch in this drama as well. This makes it one of the Chinese dramas like Love O2O.

My Amazing Boyfriend - Chinese dramas like Love O2O

08. My Amazing Boyfriend

Storyline: My amazing is a popular Chinese series, which is an adaptation of an equally popular Chinese novel by Shui Qianmo. The story started when a not so famous actress Tian Jing Zhi involved in a car accident, an awake mutant. Xue Ling Qiao is the superhuman who has been asleep for centuries and unintentionally awakened by Tian Jing Zhi. She then forcefully allowed this awkward man to share the home with her. She never shows her dismay with this superhuman or with his superpower, but tries her best to get rid of this “monster.” However, their suffering and fighting gradually warmed up their heart and started a relationship. Only to reveal a shocking conspiracy that spans centuries.

Similarity: The male and female leads in this drama are strong-mind people with not so naive attitude. It’s fluffy and gets less interruption from the hate characters. Also, its heart fluttering, and these points make it one of the Chinese dramas like Love O2O.

Boss & Me

07. Boss & Me

Storyline: Boss & Me is a beautiful love story, revolves around office romance. The story starts with the president of a big conglomerate Feng Teng, searching for a blood donor. His younger sister required a blood transfusion and had a very rare blood type. Therefore when he got to know that one of his employees Xue Shan Shan, shares the same blood type as his sister, he asked her for the donation. Later to repay the gratefulness of Shan Shan, Feng Teng’s sister suggests sending her nutritious packed lunches so Shan Shan can recover from the blood loss, and it will also make their gratitude more personal. Shan Shan is a food lover and clumsy with her things. But after knowing her sunny and overall bright personality, he could not help but fall in love with her.

Similarity: Boss & Me is written by the same writer Gu Man who is the writer of Love O2O. Both the dramas are not as stressful or conflicting as the romance dramas usually are expects to get. One can find many laughing stops during the drama. These points make this drama worthy of being in the list of Chinese dramas like Love O2O.

Lucky's First Love

06. Lucky’s First Love

Storyline: It is a story about first love and romance in the workplace. Xing Yun is an aspiring animation artist and also known as the mascot of the company because it is believed that she brings good luck to the company and her boss. Xia Ke is a headstrong and determined guy who is the boss and CEO of the company where Xing Yun works. Xing Yun also acts as an assistant to Xia Ke, and after a time, she also became a game designer. Their continuous bickering brings them closer, and the girl who has never been in love before finds that the last hurdle is love. Also, more couples will surely win your heart with their connection.

Similarity: The common points between the two dramas are- Game brings the couple together. The hero’s character is similar in both the shows. Both dramas are light-heart and will make you smile ear to ear.

A little thing called first love - Chinese dramas like Love O2O

05. A Little Thing Called First Love

Storyline:  A little thing called first love is the remake of a popular 2010 Thai film- Crazy little thing called Love. The story starts with shy, artistic student Xia Miao Miao getting a crush on her handsome, and skilled classmate Liang You Nian. Her crush on Liang You Nian leads her to a journey of self-discovery and change through college. In this journey, Xia Miao Miao’s friend helps her and makes their friendship stronger than ever. With the help of her friends and self-dedication, she starts to learn about fashion, join school clubs, and studies hard to raise her grades. All these contributed to making her average life more interesting and colorful.

Similarity: Both dramas have a similar vibe. Male Lead plays a character of a very smart and always cherish and uplifts the Female. It is a coming of age drama with a splash of friendship, youth, and love. And these points make it one of the Chinese dramas like Love O2O.

A love so beautiful - Chinese dramas like Love O2O

04. A Love So Beautiful

Storyline: Chinese web series A Love So Beautiful is a cute comedy that displays romance, youth, and friendship. The drama depicts the 19 years of the relationship between Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen, who were classmates and neighbors since kindergarten days. Chen Xiaoxi was a cheerful and bright girl who was terrible in the study. But she was very passionate about her admiration towards Jiang Chen. Popular student Jiang Chen was known for his good looks and high grades in the school but used to remain indifferent towards people. They were also friends with Lu Yang, Lin Jingxiao, and Wu Bosong. Together these five prepare for their National university entrance exam, during their journey through secondary school, and towards adulthood.

Similarity: Points that make this Chinese drama like Love O2O are- The character of the male lead in both the shows is similar. These two dramas are based on romance, friendship, and youth. And finally, both the drama will leave you smiling like crazy.

Put your head on my shoulder

03. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Storyline: With the same name as its novel by Zhao Qianqian, Put Your Head on My Shoulder is a rom-com coming of age drama. This drama will surely fulfill your expectation for romance and fluffs. Si Tu Mo is an accounting student who is going to be graduate soon. After graduation, she has to choose a path but is very confused about making any decision herself. One day, after the merge of her school district with another one, physics major Gu Weiyi entered into her life. They repeatedly clash without noticing what the future has kept for them. Things happen, and the two accidentally end up living together, and chaos begins.

Similarity: Both the dramas give a light-hearted, fluffy, and heartwarming feel. Male leads are smart, and the drama is set up in the college background. The main characters show an unwavering love for each other. And these make it one of the Chinese dramas like Love O2O.

The King's Avatar - Chinese dramas like Love O2O

02. The King’s Avatar

Storyline: Before the drama, a novel and an anime of the same were a massive success in China. In the professional world of the game, Ye Xiu is well known as the expert and a top-tier player in the game Glory. One day, Ye Xiu is forced out of his professional team and made to give up his gamer ID and, therefore, his identity in the game. He then started working as a manager in an internet cafe, away from his pro-gaming life. Ye Xiu once again joined the gaming world when Glory launches the tenth server, with ten years of gaming experience, memories of the past, and an incomplete, self-made weapon. In this new journey, people joined him are internet cafe owner Chen Guo and other talented players he met in the cafe. With all of this, Ye Xiu began route back to the top.

Similarity: Yang Yang is in this drama as well and that too in gaming mode. Gaming plays a vital role here. It is also a coming of youth drama, and all these make it one of the Chinese dramas like Love O2O.

Go Go Squid - Chinese dramas like Love O2O

01. Go Go Squid

Storyline: Tong Ning is a cover singer with lots of online followers and a computer major. One day while helping her cousin, she saw Han Shang Yan and develops a crush on him. Han Shang Yan is a high-level e-sport idol and works in the field of cybersecurity. She is usually brave, outgoing, but she frightens while approaching him. She fumbles whenever she encounters him, and can’t even utter a word when speaking to him. However, the two became each other’s support and motivation to pursue their dreams. Han Shang Yan is generally not the type of guy to be interested in girls, but Tong Nian’s unique personality and her persistent ways to get close to him begin to catch his attention.

Similarity: It revolves around a passion for e-sports. The girl here is as cheerful as Bei Wei Wei. It also represents youth, friendship, and ambition. These points gain Go Go Squid its place in the list of Chinese dramas like Love O2O.

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